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Marketing and communications skills are essential to success in commercial real estate. Keeping up with the ever-changing commercial real estate environment can be challenging. Our professional development courses provide new and up-to-date information that can help you close more deals. Several of our courses will count toward continuing education credits to further enhance your knowledge and keep you abreast of new technology and information. You can participate in these online, self-paced courses at your convenience. 

Basics of Commercial Real Estate Accounting

Learn the skills necessary to successfully navigate basic commercial real estate accounting principles to work for you. If you can't communicate effectively in the boardroom, addressing a large group, or one-on-one, your chances of winning the assignment or closing the deal will be difficult.

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Building a Commercial Real Estate Consulting or Investing Business

Building a Commercial Real Estate Consulting or Investing Business outlines the opportunities available to commercial real estate professionals to generate revenue outside the brokerage model.

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Communication Skills for Business Professionals

Whether you're in the boardroom, addressing a large group, or one-on-one, the key to getting the deal done is not what you say, but how you say it.  Your ability to communicate effectively creates greater efficiency in your work, and that translates into greater profitability for you and your company.

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Commercial Real Estate Negotiations

Learn and apply The CCIM Institute's Interest-based Negotiations Model to your most challenging transactions. Learn new, proven strategies to client acceptance that will get you out of the "high/low game" and other tactics that can derail a successful transaction. Features an interactive case study format. 

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Commercial Real Estate Asset & Portfolio Management

This course examines asset and portfolio manager roles and responsibilities in commercial real estate investing. 

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Controlling the Deal

This course is for commercial real estate professionals who want to use proven psychological and relational techniques to move up the value chain, build trust, and successfully manage every transaction.

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Corporate Services Representation

This three-hour course is for commercial real estate professionals who want to learn the unique skills required for working with corporate tenants, including how to find, secure and keep a corporate client coming back for more!

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This course provides relevant information about the CCIM Code and Standards of Practice of The CCIM Institute. 

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Foundations for Success in Commercial Real Estate

This two-day classroom or five-session online course provides agents, brokers, students, and allied professionals with an understanding of the skills, resources, and business practices that pave the way for success in commercial real estate.

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Fundamentals of Real Estate Auctions

Learn how auctions work, how brokers/agents can profit from them, what types of properties are ideal for auctions, and general strategies in auctioning real estate properties. 

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High Tech Marketing for Commercial Real Estate

This course helps you to identify multiple technology resources, including social media and blogs, to help successfully market your deals. Through hands-on instruction, you'll learn how to apply these tools and free online opportunities to create inbound leads for your commercial real estate needs. 

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Introduction to Commercial Real Estate

The Introduction to Commercial Real Estate course introduces foundational commercial real estate concepts including market analysis, leasing fundamentals, investor behavior, and asset performance.

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Preparing to Negotiate

In the commercial real estate world, effectively analyzing the financial impact and potential options of a real estate decision isn't everything. Your negotiation skills are also critical to the success of any transaction.

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Real Estate Receiverships

Court-appointed real estate receiverships provide commercial real estate professionals with a unique opportunity, but gaining a solid understanding of the nuts and bolts is essential to success.

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Senior Housing: Fundamentals and Benchmarks

This course will provide participants with current information to become more effective in Senior Housing real estate market.

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Successful Strategies for Tenant Representation

This course is an interactive, case study-driven course that teaches you what it takes to be a successful tenant representative in a commercial lease transaction.

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Surviving Volatile Markets: Mitigating Lease Risk

Incorporating the effects of the current and future market conditions, will assist in finding resolutions to tenant defaults.

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Working with Fiduciaries

Combine the personal attention of an instructor with the flexibility of online learning. 

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