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The CCIM Institute Leadership

The CCIM Institute is led by a Board of Directors comprised of its active members. The Board of Directors is elected by The CCIM Institute membership on annual basis. 

The CCIM Institute Executive Committee is elected by the Board of Directors.

2024 Officers/Management Team

The President, President-Elect, First Vice President, Treasurer, Treasurer-Elect, and CEO/Executive Vice President serve as officers for The CCIM Institute.

The Staff Leadership Team

The CCIM Institute executive staff is composed of a team of association industry professionals who work alongside the board of directors to further The CCIM Institute’s mission.

Paul Rumler, CCE

Chief Executive Officer & Executive Vice President


(312) 321-4470

Gail Collins, CCIM

Deputy Chief Executive Officer                                  


(312) 321-4472

Michael Oberhaus, CPA

Chief Financial Officer                                               


(312) 321-4510

Domonique Joiner

Vice President, Member Experience


(312) 321-4538

Rhys Fullerlove

Vice President, Marketing, Communications, and Sales


(312) 321-4507

Stephen Welch

Vice President, Education                   


(312) 321-4539

Brian Willard, CAE

Director, Information Technology       


(312) 321-4511

Carol Campbell, CCIM

Vice President, The CCIM Institute Technologies


(312) 544-8390

Kari Pantol

Executive Director, The CCIM Institute Foundation


(312) 321-4481


Executive Committee Members

The Board of Directors elects the Executive Committee.

Voting Members         

  • D'Etta Casto-DeLeon, CCIM, President
  • Steve Rich, CCIM, President-Elect
  • Adam Palmer, CCIM, First Vice President
  • Jim Tansey, CCIM, Treasurer
  • Brad Waken, CCIM, Treasurer-Elect
  • David Schnitzer, CCIM, Immediate Past President
  • Adrian Arriaga, CCIM
  • Lydia Bennett, CCIM
  • Ernest Brown, CCIM
  • Andie Edmonds, CCIM
  • Ellen Hsu, CCIM
  • Bill Milliken, CCIM
  • James Robertson, CCIM, 2024 F.I.T. PL
  • Evelyn Ward, CCIM

Nonvoting Members

  • Carleen Barth, CCIM, 2025 Education PL
  • Holly Buchanan, CCIM, 2024 Education PL
  • Robin Civish, CCIM, 2024 Membership PL
  • John McClure, CCIM, 2024 Member Services PL
  • Scott Overby, CCIM, 2025 Member Services PL
  • Michael Reeves, CCIM, 2025 Membership PL
  • Paul Rumler, CEO/EVP
  • Travis Waldrop, CCIM, Governance Committee Chair
  • Michael Williamson, CCIM, 2024 F.I.T. PL