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Events App

Engage with The CCIM Institute Events with the App

Navigate and participate in CCIM Institute governance meetings and the annual global conference with the easy to use events app. Download the app once, and get access to current and future events.

The app helps you

  • View the schedule and save events you'd like to attend
  • Share photos and interact with other attendees
  • Find locations with an interactive map of the meeting space  
  • View meeting agendas and other shared information

Download the app today!

Apple iOS  
Google Play

Already have the CCIM Events app?

To access this year's events, delete any older versions of the app from your mobile device and use the links above to download the current version of the app.


Where can I download The CCIM Institute's Events mobile app?

Apple iOS  
Google Play

How do I gain access to complete my profile, add sessions, and send messages through The CCIM Insititute's Events mobile app?

To have full mobile app functionality, you will need to log in by entering your first and last name, and the email address you used to registered for the meeting. You will receive an authenticator email with a code that will let you access the app.  

*Note, if you have not used the mobile app in a 24-hour period, you will need to re-login by entering your first and last name and email address. You will receive a new authenticator code. You will not lose any information you previously have saved in the mobile app.

What devices are the CCIM Events mobile app compatible with?

The CCIM Institute's Events mobile app is compatible with Android 10 or higher and iOS 14 or higher.

I have an Amazon device. Is The CCIM Institute's Events mobile app compatible?

Unfortunately, The CCIM Institute's Events mobile app is not compatible with Amazon devices.

Is there a website version of The CCIM Institute's Events mobile app?

No, there is not. But if you have an Android or iOS tablet, you can access the mobile app in the App stores.

How do I make myself visible in The CCIM Institute's Events mobile app as a meeting attendee?

All attendees must opt in to show they are meeting attendees in the app. Go to your Profile (the silhouette icon in the bottom navigation) and select Settings. From this screen, select:

  • Privacy: toggle switch on to show your name and contact details in the Attendees list and connect with fellow attendees
  • Notifications: toggle switch on to receive important announcements throughout the event.

How do I receive in-app messages from other attendees in The CCIM Institute's Events mobile app?

First, you must have your Notification settings on in the Settings area of the app (see FAQ #6 for instructions). If you already have Notifications on, go to your Profile and click Messages. All messages from meeting attendees will be shown in a list. To create a message, click the plus button at the bottom right of the screen and search by the attendee's name.

How do I find the committee agendas in The CCIM Institute's Events mobile app?

There are two ways to access committee agendas in the mobile app. The first way is to click “Annual Governance Meeting Agendas” on the app homepage under Featured Sessions. There, you will find the Annual Governance Meetings agendas. The second way is to add sessions to your My Schedule. To do this, go to the All Sessions screen and locate your desired meeting(s) in the full meeting list. Once you find your meeting, click the “Add Session” button. This will add the meeting to your My Schedule list and allow access to the associated agenda.

*Note, agendas are not downloadable at this time.

Where do I find information about the meeting in The CCIM Institute's Events mobile app?

The bottom right of the app is a three-row icon. Click that link for a More screen. That screen lists important meeting information including:

  • List of Attendees
  • List of meeting Sponsors
  • Speaker information
  • List of Exhibitors
  • Floor Plans and maps of session rooms
  • About the Meetings information including: Board of Directors Roster, Governance Chart, and Strategic Plan
  • Information about The CCIM Institute Ballots and Candidates

How do I find information about the Governance Ballots and Candidates in The CCIM Institute's Events mobile app?

Under the More section of the mobile app, you will find The CCIM Institute Ballots and Candidates listing. All ballot and candidate information is located there.