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This year, the commercial real estate industry will continue to face challenges. CCIM members are looking for information that will help them save time, cut costs, and enhance their productivity. In the current economic climate, for example, retail leasing specialists and shopping center owners might benefit from knowing which tenants are most likely to succeed in their location. And with access to free tech support, small firms and solo practitioners could focus on closing deals instead of fixing their computers. Likewise, a neighborhood's "walkability" rating might help attract commercial tenants, particularly in active urban markets.

Last year, CCIM Tech introduced services that meet these needs. CCIM members can start the New Year by capitalizing on these new member benefits to overcome the challenges that lie ahead.

Rating Retail

BrandScore is the most recent addition to STDB, in cooperation with BrandScore measures the degree to which a specific brand is likely to succeed in a given retail location based on four components: neighborhood, retailer synergy, competitive environment, and commercial activity. The higher the BrandScore, the more likely a retailer will be to succeed.

Let's say a broker would like to recruit a new tenant for a retail property in Denver. She can enter the property address into STDB, and using the BrandScore widget, she can immediately see the top five retail tenants for that location based on's proprietary retail property scoring algorithms. She can then focus her recruiting efforts on those retailers. There is also a link to, where users can get more–valuable in–depth data with a subscription.

To access the top BrandScore retailers for a specific location, log in to STDB's Site Analysis. Click on the RetailPlanet icon on the right–hand side of the map below the measurement tools. Then click on the property location to see a list of retailers with the highest BrandScores. Users can also modify the square–footage range to get a new list.

Tech Rescue

Do you ever have problems with your computer hardware, software, network, or digital devices? Are these problems so frustrating that you can't focus on the transaction you'd rather be working on?

CCIM members now have free access to the full–time Tech Helpline, which can assist in fixing any tech–related problem. Helpline experts efficiently troubleshoot and offer solutions, often by remotely connecting to members' computers. This allows members to spend that time focusing on the assignments that pay the bills. Tech Helpline users have successfully removed computer viruses, resolved software conflicts, connected to new routers, and fixed problems with antivirus programs. The Tech Helpline can be reached at (888) 509–9541 or by clicking on the "Free IT Support" link on

What's the Score?

CCIM members also now have access to Walk Score and Transit Score through STDB. These tools display location ratings based on services within walking distance and access to public transit. Given the fluctuating cost of gasoline and increased interest in urban real estate, a good score could help convince a buyer or tenant to close the deal.

Access Walk Score through the STDB services menu after logging in to Enter a property address and click "Get Walk Score." A tremendous amount of information appears, including a Walk Score and Transit Score on a scale of 1 to 100. High scores indicate that a property is in a walkable area with easy access to public transit. Also provided are a map and list of nearby businesses such as restaurants, hotels, banks, child care, gyms, and other highly valued services. Walk Score includes directions and additional details for each business listed, and Transit Score provides a list of all public transit services around the property including bus numbers and stops.

Walk Score has also been added to STDB's Site Analysis as a heat map, with green portraying more walkable areas and red denoting less walkable locations. Walk Score heat maps can be found under STDB's Map Layers tab.

Jay R. Lucas, CCIM, is president of CCIM Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of the CCIM Institute. Contact him at


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