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New Commercial Real Estate Certificate Program

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In response to industry needs, The CCIM Institute launches a new program.

Continuing its role as a pacesetter, The CCIM Institute is developing its first-ever certificate program called the Introduction to Commercial Real Estate Certificate. The program launched this May and will serve the entire commercial real estate community.

“The certificate is intended to provide an introductory educational pathway for any individuals who are interested in gaining knowledge or proficiency in the commercial real estate world,” explains Derek Beacher, The CCIM Institute’s Ward Center Manager.

Beacher notes that the certificate is also a way for early career professionals or professionals who want to transition from residential real estate to learning the basic concepts of commercial real estate.

While the CCIM Designation will always be the gold standard for the top tier of commercial real estate investment specialists, The CCIM Institute recognizes that many professionals working in the industry will not qualify for the Designation. This certificate program is an opportunity for educational and professional development in commercial real estate for those individuals.

“This is a certificate, not a designation,” Beacher explains. Earning the Designation requires proven, tested, in-depth knowledge, experience, and proficiency in a variety of areas, including financial analysis, market analysis, decision-making, and investment analysis. Meanwhile, the Introduction to Commercial Real Estate Certificate is the first step to building a base knowledge.”

The certificate speaks to the agility of The CCIM Institute as an organization, Beacher goes on to say. “We recognize there's a need, and there's a gap in what we're offering. So, if there's a need and a gap, let's fill that gap. Let’s provide this pathway.”

The certificate will focus on proficiency in several core concepts, including financial analysis tools, negotiation strategies, and standards of practice.

“We felt it was time to revive this entrance point into the world of commercial real estate,” says Beacher. We’re at a point in the industry and the economy where more real estate professionals are interested in learning about and gaining skills and experience in the various commercial real estate sectors. They might work in a smaller market where there are not many people practicing commercial real estate, and they might need a base knowledge to do their jobs.”

Beacher also says the certificate program benefits current members of The CCIM Institute and the community. For example, it provides local chapters with the opportunity to broaden their educational offerings to help satisfy the certificate requirements. It also could guide new members toward the CCIM Designation.

“Additionally, the certificate provides education and knowledge to commercial real estate professionals who don't have the high-level experience,” Beacher says. “They might have some experience, but it’s not high level. We help everyone involved in a deal when all parties are well-versed in the business of commercial real estate. It’s just going to benefit everybody, and we're excited.” ■



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