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Cultural Diversity Education Program

The CCIM Institute's Cultural Diversity Education Program (CDEP) is committed to advancing the professional growth of underrepresented groups in the commercial real estate industry. Qualified applicants will learn The CCIM Institute's approach to investment strategy, financial analysis, and market analysis.

Since its inception, more than 1,500 students in the program have completed one of our two-day introductory courses, and some have gone on to earn the CCIM Designation.

Program Benefits

Approved participants receive:

  • Candidate membership discount: $200 U.S. /  $100 Canadian
  • A $100 discount on tuition for the Foundations for Success in Commercial Real Estate Course, available in classroom or online* 
  • Tuition for CI 101 is $975 and CI 102-104, is $1125

*Note: Discounts are not applied to prior membership or coursework completed before application approval.

  • CI 101 | Make the right investment calculation for your client
  • CI 102 | Forecast future demand and make the optimal site selection
  • CI 103 | Assess occupancy economics from different perspectives to make better decisions
  • CI 104 | Optimize return on capital and quantify real estate risk


In order to be eligible for Cultural Diversity Education Program, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Are a permanent resident, U.S. or Canadian
  • Are currently active in the real estate profession or a related industry
  • Have demonstrated extraordinary commitment to advancing professional growth of underrepresented groups in the commercial real estate industry
  • Upon application approval, must join as a candidate member (discounted for the first two years), first year prorated based on join month
    • U.S. Candidate membership: $495 annually
    • Canadian Candidate membership: $320 annually

Application Process

To apply, complete the online application form. All application materials must be submitted at one time.

In addition to basic information, be prepared to provide:

  • A current resume (PDF) or a link to your LinkedIn profile;
  • Three (3) signed letters of recommendation explaining why you would be a good fit for the Cultural Diversity Education Program with The CCIM Institute; and
  • Answers to six essay questions about why you want to participate in this program.


Applications are reviewed once monthly by the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee. 



  • Is the Cultural Diversity Education Program a scholarship? No. The program provides approved candidates discounted tuition vouchers. 
  • What’s the difference between the Cultural Diversity Education Program (CDEP) and The CCIM Institute Foundation Diversity Scholarship? CDEP provides a discount towards CI101-104 courses, while the Diversity Scholarship covers the costs of courses and the designation exam.
  • How do I register for the courses using the CDEP voucher? Upon approval to register for a course, visit, login and select Education on the main menu. Then select Register for a Course. The CDEP program approval is attached to your record and will automatically apply the tuition discount upon checkout.
  • Is membership required to participate? Yes, you must be a candidate member to utilize the CDEP voucher.
  • When is the deadline to apply for the CDEP voucher? There is no deadline to apply, applications are accepted year-round.
  • I submitted my application, when will it be reviewed? Applications are reviewed once monthly, by the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee.
  • Need help with your CDEP application? Contact us