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Strategic Partnerships

At The CCIM Institute, we believe in the power of strategic partnerships to drive corporate success and foster professional growth. By partnering with us, your organization gains access to a wealth of benefits and exclusive opportunities tailored to meet the unique needs of your members or associates.

Host a Course from The CCIM Institute's Ward Center for Commercial Real Estate Studies

Host a course to

  1. Provide professional education to your organization. 
  2. Learn at trade shows and conferences
  3. Exclusive access to The CCIM Institute's Ward Center for Commercial Real Studies courses within your learning management system
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Preferred Partnership Program

The Preferred Partnership Program offered by The CCIM Institute is a unique opportunity for organizations to form a strategic partnership with us and provide exclusive benefits to your members. Through this program, your organziation can partner with The CCIM Institute and unlock special discounts on our Designation Curriculum and courses offered through our esteemed Robert L. Ward Center for Commercial Real Estate Studies.

By participating in this program, you can offer your members access to high-quality education, practical insights, and industry-driven research at a reduced cost. This partnership not only enhances the value proposition for your organization but also demonstrates your commitment to supporting the professional growth and development of your members in the dynamic field of commercial real estate.

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Bulk Course Licensing

Discover a smarter way to provide exceptional learning opportunities to your team and boost your organization's growth. The CCIM Institute is excited to introduce our latest offering designed to streamline your educational experience.

With this exclusive offering, your organization commits to a schedule of at least 10 courses from the Robert L. Ward Center for Commercial Real Estate Studies, and in return, you pay a one-time administrative fee. The real advantage? You can host one course as many times as you like throughout the year without worrying about per-course administrative fees.

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LMS Integration

Our goal at The CCIM Institute is to share our expertise and knowledge with anyone interested in setting themselves apart as the expert in their company or market. The CCIM Institute Education Curriculum ensures that everyone working in commercial real estate has access to professional development, regardless of their ultimate career goals.

Supplement Established Training Programs

The CCIM Institute can provide a select number of self-paced courses for integration with your preferred learning management system. By integrating courses from The CCIM Institute into the existing learning management system, your members can enjoy a streamlined professional learning experience. This integration creates a cohesive and efficient learning environment, maximizing productivity, and engagement for your members. Additionally, the integration ensures consistency in branding and user experience. This consistency reinforces the professionalism and expertise associated with both organizations, enhancing the overall value proposition for your members.

Together, we can create a seamless progression for your members as they continue to excel in their careers. The CCIM Institute is a natural step for your members professional development pathway. Our educational offerings complement the knowledge gained through your program, with our specialized curriculum delving into more advanced topics

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Voucher Program

We are excited to present The CCIM Institute Voucher Program, a unique opportunity for organizations to partner with us and provide their members with a flexible pathway to professional growth. Through this programs, vouchers can be redeemed for any CI101, CI102, CI103 or CI104 course. Find a course.

By leveraging the voucher program, your organization gains several key benefits. Firstly, it offers the flexibility to distribute these vouchers among your members as needed. Whether you have a specific group of individuals eager to pursue the CCIM Designation or prefer to allocate vouchers as incentives or professional development opportunities, the voucher program allows you to tailor the distribution to meet your organization's unique goals and requirements.

Partnering with The CCIM Institute through the voucher program demonstrates your organization's commitment to supporting professional development and offering valuable resources to your members. It showcases your dedication to their growth and success, positioning your organization as a leading advocate for advancing careers in commercial real estate.

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Ready to Partner?
Let's discuss how The CCIM Institute can benefit your organization. E-mail our Director of Business Development, Jenna Hille, to discuss.