Software Buyers Guide:Investment Analysis

Argus 11.1

Features: Argus allows users to create valuation models that calculate cash flows, structure debt terms, perform sensitivity analyses, and produce Microsoft Excel reports. The latest version features custom data overviews, high-quality report packaging, enhanced data import and exchange, and international valuation capabilities.
Price: $3,415

@Risk 4.5

Features: A Microsoft Excel add-on, @Risk uses the Monte Carlo simulation to help users plot different investment scenarios and presents results in customizable graphs. The latest version provides enhanced distribution options, greater modeling flexibility, preformatted reports, stress analysis options, and error detection.
Price: $710 standard, $950 professional, $1,790 industrial; upgrades from 4.0 are available

@Value Discounted Cash Flow Analysis

Features: @Value's discounted cash flow analysis software product allows income and expense projections, equity and debt coverage ratio analyses, graphing capabilities, and reasonableness tests.
Price: $199 for single users, $495 for office license

Cougar Property System

Features: Designed for leased office, industrial, and retail properties, Cougar's software products allow users to execute discounted cash flow and capitalization method valuations, prepare cash-flow forecasts, conduct portfolio sensitivity analyses, analyze development and redevelopment feasibility, and perform day-to-day asset management functions.
Price: Contact (212) 918-0113 for pricing information.

Crystal Ball 2000.5

Features: A Microsoft Excel add-on, Crystal Ball uses the Monte Carlo simulation to analyze and forecast investment real estate risk. The latest upgrade offers 31 updated example models, an improved calculation engine, and enhanced algorithms for forecasting methods, confidence intervals, and autocorrelations.
Price: $714 standard, $1,554 professional, $3,594 premium; upgrades and site licenses available

Investit Real Estate Financial Analysis Toolbox

Features: Invesit's product comprises six programs that allow users to analyze property income and expenses and development potential, develop mortgage schedules, calculate net present value, internal rate of return, and debt service ratios, and generate reports charting the results.
Price: $299

Investment Analyst

Features: Financial Masterplan's software uses the mortgage equity, internal rate of return, and discounted cash flow techniques to value income-producing properties. It offers more than 30 customizable reports, yield range analyses, and lease income, commission, and tenant improvement calculation capabilities.
Price: $195 basic, $295 lite, $595 professional


Features: Real Pro-Jections' software allows users to model and track cash and loan flow, equity participation, profit and loss, and budget variances for master-planned communities and smaller projects.
Price: $2,250

N-CAP'R Income Capitalization Software

Features: West Appraisal Analysis offers market value and assessed value applications, both of which allow users to calculate a property's overall, equity, mortgage, and terminal capitalization rates, as well as overall and equity yield rates.
Price: $385/version

NOI Academy

Features: Designed for commercial rental properties, NOI Academy simultaneously produces net operating income, cash flow, internal rate of return, and taxable analysis reports for up to 20 properties.
Price: $950

On Target 2.01

Features: This Windows-based program allows users to analyze investment properties' current and future profitability. After inputting data, it projects 10-year mortgage and equity, cash flow, debt coverage ratios, internal rate of return, loan to value, and cash-on-cash returns, among other factors. It also performs sensitivity analyses, mortgage projections, and partnership analyses.
Price: $79.95

planEASe Commercial Investment Real Estate Analysis Software

Features: Designed for income-producing, multitenant properties, this product performs financial analyses and cash flow projections, as well as tenant/owner representation, lease/purchase, and sale/leaseback analyses, on a lease-by-lease basis.
Price: $995

Pocket APOD

Features: Designed for Palm handheld devices, this software allows users to quickly compute a property's effective rental, gross operating, and net operating incomes and cash flow before and after taxes. It also generates annual property operating data, cash flow, capitalization rate, cash-on-cash return, debt coverage ratio, gross rent multiplier, loan to value, and net income multiplier analyses.
Price: $129.95

RealCashFlow 2.0

Features: This 15-year analysis and valuation tool computes estimated annual appreciation and before- and after-tax modified internal rate of return. It also performs mortgage and present and future value analyses.
Price: $299

RealData Real Estate Investment Analysis Standard Edition

Features: This Excel-based software allows users to compute 20-year analyses, including expense, cash flow, resale, partnership, lease versus buy, and sensitivity, and produces PDF reports and graphs.
Price: $495

REA/L Estate Analysis Software

Features: Available in Lotus and Excel versions, this product offers a rental survey form for market rent determinations, a rent schedule form, operating statements, cash flow and lease analyses, exchange structuring, and loan schedules and evaluations, as well as several residential applications.
Price: $395

The Real Estate Geek

Features: This software program allows users to generate investment and financial analyses on their personal digital assistant. Calculations include annual income streams and cash flows, debt coverage ratios, capitalization rates, cash-on-cash return, operating expense ratios, internal rate of return, return estimates, and tax burden upon resale.
Price: $39.95

TValue 5

Features: This software program allows users to determine lease rates and calculate mortgage rates, rates of return, and investment yields. It also generates amortization schedules and annual percentage rate disclosures.
Price: $149; network licenses available


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