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Global Dealmaking Opportunities

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CCIM Designees are traversing the world to make deals happen.

For seamless transactions, whether from the U.S. to international markets or vice versa, working with a CCIM is essential for the success of the deal.

CCIMs have their pulse on international markets and are equipped with the knowledge and understanding about the different customs and traditions to help in the dealmaking process. There are more than 1,000 CCIMs representing 24 countries outside of the U.S. Like their counterparts in the U.S., international CCIMs are recognized as leaders in the industry.

Here is an update on one recent global conference and several of The CCIM Institute's international events to be aware of and know about.


MIPIM 2024 Real Estate Conference 

MIPIM 2024, the real estate industry’s largest global forum, once again brought together investors, developers, public sector officials, architects, and stakeholders from across the global real estate industry. Nearly 27,000 people attended the conference to discuss trending topics like interest rates, return to office, investment opportunities, geopolitics, technology, and end-users' expectations.

“MIPIM is a conference where our international leadership felt strongly that The CCIM Institute should have a presence,” says Steve Welch,

The CCIM Institute’s Vice President of Education. “It is one of the largest commercial real estate conferences in the world.”
Held March 12-14 in Cannes, France, The CCIM Institute was well represented. Welch attended on behalf of the organization. Eight additional members of The CCIM Institute also attended.

“One of the values of attending MIPIM was the ability to meet with companies who are interested in partnering with The CCIM Institute to deliver education,” notes Welch. “The goal of The CCIM Institute going to MIPIM was not just to strengthen existing partnerships and build our brand, but also identify potential future partnerships as we continue to expand our international presence.”

He notes that the CCIM Designation is not as well known, especially in Europe, as it is in other parts of the world, such as Asia, where The CCIM Institute already has a strong and longstanding presence. 

“Our goal there was to develop more global visibility as a brand,” Welch says.

“Having the opportunity to be at a conference that attracts a large global audience and begin to have some strategic meetings where organizational partners like FIABCI and RICS were helpful for us to begin to expand our global footprint and look for ways to promote the value of dealmaking and doing business with CCIMs around the world,” Welch points out.

In one instance, a MIPIM attendee inquired about an international opportunity with a CCIM Designee, who later was able to leverage that prospect to make a contact.

“I think that speaks to the value of our presence at these international meetings because we are a networking organization,” Welch explains. “Deals get done when people come together, connect over their opportunities, needs, and wants, and engage in meaningful conversations with the right individuals.”

Michael Williamson, CCIM, Senior Broker Associate at Sperry Commercial Global Affiliates–Ellermann Brokerage in Chicago, also attended the conference.

“MIPIM was an excellent and rewarding experience,” he says. “The knowledge gained and connections made were incredible, in addition to bringing home business from both international and domestic investors. Foreign investors were intrigued to
place capital in the U.S. and learn more about all the different markets. We met with individuals from all over the world, visiting The CCIM Institute's booth and walking through the conference halls with our CCIM Pins and USA badges.”

Williamson also notes that there was an instant and unique connection made with domestic colleagues and investors simply by attending the conference and traveling abroad together.


The Place To Be To Meet the Decision-Makers

Welch says, similar to last year, one of the big takeaways from MIPIM is that the decision-makers attend this conference. “It is a place where you meet the high-level people who can make things happen, including presidents of organizations and C-suite executives,” he explains. The CCIM Institute’s leaders had several meetings with various individuals and groups representing companies, countries, and organizations, including FIABCI and RICS. “There are opportunities here to strengthen relationships not only internationally and build a stronger global brand, but we have opportunities to establish stronger relationships with NAR and many of the REALTOR® associations,” adds Welch. ■


C5 + CCIM Global Summit

The CCIM Institute and the National Association of REALTORS® are partnering on the second annual C5 + CCIM Global Summit, Sept. 17-19, 2024, in Hollywood, FL.

This year, the partnership is enhancing education and expanding international representation. Attendees can hear the latest on commercial real estate trends from industry titans, thought leaders, and subject matter experts, all while connecting with key players, including other CCIMs.

Attendees can engage the entire commercial network, from financing and development to sales and property management. There will be more than 20 economic development corporations in attendance and more than 225 companies will be represented, plus 93% of attendees report annual transaction volume of more than $5 million.

CCIMs can present their projects to key players and partners ready to negotiate. This creates an opportunity to showcase properties and commercial real estate investments while gaining direct access to professionals and projects that could lead to significant market investments.

The CCIM Institute is hosting the C5+ CCIM Global Summit's Global Luncheon on September 18. "Typically, this luncheon has been an event that we have held at our Annual Governance Meetings in the fall, but we have since switched it to take place at the C5 + CCIM Global Summit to make it more of a global event that our members can attend,” explains Jessica Garcia, Global Programs Coordinator for The CCIM Institute.

The CCIM Institute is presenting three courses during the C5 + CCIM Global Summit, which are typically offered online through the Robert L. Ward Center for Commercial Real Estate Studies. “We're going to be holding courses live at this event,” says Steve Welch, Vice President of Education for The CCIM Institute. “One of the things we commonly see is that the people who attend our courses often make contacts with whom they eventually do deals and/or business,” Welch mentions.

The courses offered during the C5 + CCIM Global Summit include Building a Commercial Real Estate Consulting or Investing Business, Lease Versus Own Comparison and Analysis, and Commercial Real Estate Asset & Portfolio Management.


Additional International Events

The CCIM Taiwan Chapter will hold its annual conference.

The Korea CCIM Chapter will host a pinning ceremony for its new Designees.

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