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How do you catch up with commercial real estate professionals who are ahead on the technology curve?

In a word, change.

Change How You Work. "I use technology big time," says Stefan M. Cihylik, CCIM, a broker with the Frederick Group in Allentown, Pa. "My computer is never more than three years old. I have the fastest processor with the largest hard drive and the best video card and monitor. My office has had a scanner for the past eight years. I extensively use CorelDraw, PhotoPaint, Win2Data (assessor info, tax maps), MapExpert, Excel, Act, Omni-Pro, Word, Outlook, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop Elements, WinFaxPro, PureText, Keyhole2 Pro, STDBOnline, and TerraServer."

Change How You Think About Technology. "Our choice to adopt a technological advantage has rewarded us time and again," says Michael K. Houge, CCIM, SIOR, a principal of Upland Real Estate Group in Minneapolis. His company's Web site,, showcases net-leased properties "24/7 for review by [1031] investors." His company recently brokered an $11.5 million tenant-in-common sale-leaseback transaction, which the buyer found through

Change How You Use Technology. "I am in the car every day and thrilled that I can either speak into my Kyocera smartphone and tell it whom to call or touch a name in my address book and it makes the call," says Skip J.Weber, CCIM, a broker with NAI/Latter & Blum in New Orleans. "Usually I print out my to do list - and it totally organizes me and eliminates the need for the old legal pad."

Change What You Spend On Technology. "Now that technology is cheaper, our money goes much further - and for things that are more of an intangible," says Todd Clarke, CCIM, a partner of NMApartments in Albuquerque, N.M. "We spend close to $500 a month for our [Internet service provider] serving up a gigabyte of online info to clients and save $40,000 a year in production of newsletters, fliers, and bulky marketing material."

Take a look at these recommendations for commercial real estate professionals and decide which change you're going to make.

VOIP Services

Free World DialUp
Unlimited worldwide calls; users may also call other Internet phone networks; works with computers, laptops, or PDAs

Cost: Free; users receive a phone number; calling outside FWD requires dialing additional numbers

Requirements: All users must download the software or use an FWD configured phone

Skype Technologies
Unlimited calls worldwide between Skype 1.0 users for computer-to-computer and -PDA access; SkypeOut allows computer-to-landline and -cell phones

Cost: Skype 1.0 is free; SkypeOut requires a $12 minimum account and offers a global rate of 2 cents a minute to 22 countries; sample international per-minute rates:
Germany: 2 cents
Iceland: 4 cents
Mexico: 9 cents

Requirements: All users must download application for free calls; SkypeOut users can call nonusers; headsets or cyber phones needed; up to five conference callers

VoiceWing service provides unlimited local and North American long-distance calls

Cost: $39.95 a month; sample international per-minute rates:
Germany: 4 cents
Iceland: 8 cents
Mexico: 6 cents

Requirements: Includes telephone adapter and features such as call waiting, voice-mail, caller ID, and three-way calling

Unlimited local and North American long-distance calls

Cost: Plans range from $14 to $50 a month; sample per-minute international rates:
Germany: 4 cents
Iceland: 26 cents
Mexico: 8 cents

Requirements: Adapter provided, several calling features included; users can add more lines or create a toll-free number

Digital Aerial Photography

K eyhole Pro

Price: $599 per annual subscription; CCIMs receive a discount by ordering through STDBOnline

Coverage: Covers more than 80 metropolitan areas, from a resolution of 3 inches per pixel for San Diego and the Las Vegas Strip, to 1 to 3 feet for most locations

Features: Users can import their own data through drag and drop, ?fly? from satellite images to properties, and tilt or rotate views; Keyhole 2 Pro version includes measurement tools and additional features for inputting data as well as shopping center and traffic count data

TerraXSite Analyst

Price: $19.95 for a 10-day subscription, $399.95 per year; Pro version costs $399.95 for 90 days and $899.95 per year

Coverage: Complete national coverage at a minimum black-and-white 1-meter-per-pixel resolution; color and resolution at 1 foot per pixel available for most urban areas

Features: Includes access to aerial photographs, satellite images, topographic, street, and FEMA maps; Pro version adds demographic and consumer expenditure reports and thematic maps; traffic count data are available at an added cost; users can search by address or GIS coordinates; online measurement tools and ring analysis available

Atlas Viewer

Price: $29.95 per month, $250 per annual subscription; downloads of large digital files are $35 per transaction/ $26 for members

Coverage: Complete national coverage includes every U.S. address; most metro areas provided at 6-inch or 1-foot-per-inch resolution; includes street maps, aerials, satellite, and topographic images; claims the most up-to-date, high-resolution coverage available

Features: Users can search by street or geographical coordinates; features overlay street-name map; users can print, order photo quality prints, or download digital files


Price: Free; designed to work with slow-speed Internet connections

Coverage: This online public access database covers the United States and provides topographical maps and aerial photographs supplied by the U.S. Geographical Service; resolution varies but can be .25 meter per pixel

Features: Users can search by street address, geographical coordinates, and place names; each search returns a list of images available and their dates, as well as source information and resolution; maps can be printed, downloaded, or e-mailed


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