REDEX Rolls Out

On March 31, CCIM TECH launched CCIMREDEX, an online property listing and marketing database that is poised to revolutionize the way CCIM designees and candidates do business. Commercial Investment Real Estate asked Todd Kuhlmann, CCIM, vice president of Dallas-based CCIM TECH and director of CCIMREDEX, to share his insights on this new member benefit and the opportunities it provides exclusively for CCIM members.

CIRE: What will CCIM members gain by using CCIMREDEX?

Kuhlmann: The top three benefits of CCIMREDEX will be different for each user, depending on whether they are owners, buyers, or listing brokers. CCIMREDEX is ideal for owners and managers who want to track their properties and buyers who are comparing multiple properties for acquisition. Listing brokers greatly increase exposure for their listings when they submit them to CCIMREDEX because they are pushed out to numerous listing services, commercial information exchanges, and syndication sites.

CIRE: What advantages does CCIMREDEX offer over other local, regional, and national commercial information exchanges?

Kuhlmann: Most CIEs allow brokers, and in some cases, the general public, to search for commercial properties within a specific area. However, CCIMREDEX was not designed to replace or compete with CIEs. It was designed to be a members-only data exchange for CCIM designees and candidates that integrates with third-party applications such as CIEs and marketing and analysis tools.

Most importantly, CCIMREDEX completely streamlines and maximizes the listing process for CCIM members. For example, many brokers spend a great deal of time entering property information into numerous listing services and CIE systems to increase their exposure opportunities. But with CCIMREDEX, CCIM members enter their property listings one time and the listings are automatically pushed to an array of integrated listing services and CIEs nationwide. Our users also can choose not to publish their records and listings, effectively creating their own personal property database, and select individual CCIMREDEX users to collaborate on a property.

CIRE: How does CCIM’s other top technology tool,, integrate with CCIMREDEX?

Kuhlmann: STDB provides CCIMs with tools to analyze markets, determine the demand for real estate and products in those markets, and track their growth and trends. CCIMREDEX users can maintain specific property information, perform detailed analysis and marketing for a property, and distribute the property information to multiple listing services. In other words, STDB helps our members identify demand for the market and CCIMREDEX complements this with the supply that is available in the market.

CIRE: Tell us more about CCIMREDEX’s property marketing features.

Kuhlmann: The marketing tools allow users to create brochures, fliers, and Flash Web presentations for their listings and allow users to distribute property information using postal and e-mail services. The analysis tools also allow users to complete a financial or lease analysis of a property and obtain an environmental summary report. (Read Technology Solutions on page 20 for more details on CCIMREDEX tools.)

CIRE: What’s the best way for CCIM members to learn how to use CCIMREDEX?

Kuhlmann: The more members know about how to use this exciting product, the more they will see the tremendous value it provides in their business. To assist CCIMs, we have established the CCIMREDEX Learning Center, which includes detailed tutorials for each CCIMREDEX function. (See sidebar.) A series of instructional on-demand Webinars and Flash video tutorials also are available for members in the online Learning Center. CCIM Technologies also has a full-time support staff available by phone (469) 232-2615; and email ( to assist members who have questions.

CIRE: You’ve said that CCIMREDEX technology is evolving all the time. What types of features might CCIMs expect to see in the future?

Kuhlmann: CCIMREDEX was designed to integrate and evolve. A good analogy is to think of CCIMREDEX like the iPhone — it was built to integrate property information with multiple third-party applications. As we receive feedback from our members on how they use CCIMREDEX, more third-party application tools will be integrated. These may include more e-mail marketing tools such as CCIM’s MailBridge technology and listing services such as local CIEs.

Jennifer Norbut

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