REDEX Extras

Roll out the red carpet: CCIMREDEX, CCIM Institute's real estate data exchange platform, has arrived. In addition to a host of listing services, this newest member benefit also integrates several marketing and analysis programs that offer discounted (and sometimes free) services to designees and candidates. We’re shining the spotlight on the special features that make CCIMREDEX an even more efficient and valuable business-building tool.

REI Wise

"Over the last several years we have been striving to make our online platform a seamless solution for the financial analysis and marketing of investment and lease opportunities," says John D. Freyder, chief executive officer of REI Wise. CCIMREDEX users have seamless - and free - access to REI Wise's Flash Web site template, investment analysis tool, and customizable brochure covers. The Web site template uses the information entered in CCIMREDEX to create a custom Web presentation that includes pages for a property summary, investment information, photos, and contact information. The Analyze Now! widget uses purchase price, annual income/expenses, down payment, interest rate, and other information from CCIMREDEX listings to calculate key financials and chart annual cash flow, cumulative wealth, and equity vs. debt.

After gathering pertinent property information, users also can create PDF brochure covers with photos and company logos. In addition, CCIM designees will have full access to REI Wise's other MarketEdge investment and lease analysis tools. For more information, visit

Environmental Record Search

When CCIM members visit sites they’re planning to list, they may notice that something is a little off. Perhaps there’s an unpleasant odor or a radioactive glow. Whatever the case, they can research these natural and unnatural mysteries through CCIMREDEX. &“Anyone who posts a listing can order a free environmental risk summary of the area,&” says Eric Kieselbach of ERS. This report color codes potential areas of environmental contamination on a quarter-mile radius street map. Red symbols denote locations that currently are contaminated; yellow symbols indicate locations that have been listed by an agency but may not be contaminated; and green symbols tag locations that have active environmental permits or have been contaminated in the past. &“If you run the report and see only green symbols, it’s all clear and you can proceed,&” Kieselbach explains. &“If you see red and yellow symbols, you can purchase an Environmental Lender-Check report,&” which is delivered via e-mail and includes a risk analysis. For more information, visit


With its own brand of special effects, MindMatrix provides marketing automation software for commercial real estate listings. CCIMREDEX users have free access to the program’s Web-to-print and Flash Web site components. Based on listing information, the former allows users to create high- and low-resolution PDFs of fliers, postcards, newsletters, and offering documents that can be professionally printed or converted to an e-book. The latter lets users turn the aforementioned marketing materials into a dynamic Flash Web site.

MindMatrix also offers e-mail campaign management services starting at $15 per month. After creating html brochures or newsletters, &“you can see which properties a person clicks on, allowing you to tailor your follow-up pitch based on their level of interest,&” says Harbinder Khera CEO of MindMatrix. For more information, visit


"The real appeal of our service is that it's super simple," says Michael Griffin, president and CEO of ClientLook, an online project collaboration and documentation system geared toward commercial real estate pros. With the push of a button, CCIMREDEX listings are sent to the ClientLook portal, where all project updates, correspondence, and documents can be tracked and shared with colleagues and clients. &“It provides the opportunity for real-time collaboration,&” Griffin adds. ClientLook also offers desktop assistant and e-mail reader applications. For more information, visit

CCIMREDEX users who want to promote their listings via direct mail also have access to, which offers a 20 percent discount on the first order and a 48-hour turnaround. "They can order any of our products in just minutes, and we will take care of all the printing and mailing for them," says Joshua Carlsen of "It's truly a hands-free marketing solution." In addition to postcard design and mailing, the company offers fliers, brochures, and campaign mailing services. For more information, visit

Rich Rosfelder

Rich Rosfelder is vice president of strategic communications for CCIM Institute.


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