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Going Global

CCIM Members:

In May, 35 new designees were pinned in Warsaw, Poland, and 45 new members in Moscow. Both events gave me the opportunity to represent the institute not only as an instructor but also as the president. These designees are entrepreneurial, intelligent, and ambitious, representing the best practitioners in their markets. More than 80 percent speak English fluently, and more importantly, they now speak the same language we speak in commercial real estate. Through its worldwide outreach, CCIM is setting a global standard of commercial real estate terminology and practice. Internal rate of return, net present value, and other concepts so familiar to us in the U.S. are now known internationally.

In other global initiatives, the institute has signed a memorandum of agreement with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, one of the world’s largest real estate organizations. Officials from both groups are working out an exchange of research and education that will expand CCIM member benefits outside the U.S.

In addition, CCIM will be represented in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in September by members from the Northern California CCIM Chapter who are part of a panel presented by SECOVI, the largest property organization in South America. And I will be representing the institute in November at the Real Estate Forum in Seoul, Korea.

Since the early 90s, the international program has awarded the CCIM designation to more than 1,560 real estate professionals from 37 countries. Korea, China, Mexico, Russia, and Taiwan have CCIM chapters. More than 250 CCIM classroom courses are taught in 10 countries in Asia, Europe, South America, the Middle East, and Africa. Being global is one of CCIM’s guiding principles, and we will continue our worldwide expansion of the CCIM “language” of real estate knowledge and standards.

Richard E. Juge, CCIM
President, CCIM Institute


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