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As a part of their CCIM Institute benefits, members have access to STDBonline, a powerful geographic information system. For more than 10 years, STDBonline has provided GIS analytic services to more than 15,000 users.

STDBonline’s most popular uses are still the hundreds of demographic and informational reports, thematic mapping, business lists, and the ability to add user points to help present the real estate story. Business lists, for example, provide information on the companies in a building, on both sides of a street, or in a selected area. And user points allow presenters to upload supplementary data in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and place it on STDBonline maps. Most importantly, STDBonline is continuously adding functionality to help CCIM members make better real estate decisions.

Every year new GIS technology provides substantive applications previously not available. STDBonline enhancements are created and developed based on requests from real estate professionals who are using this technology to bolster their business. Two of the newest STDBonline technology enhancements are Pictometry imagery and creating map presentations. Both of these additions provide the opportunity for CCIM members to present more accurate and useful information to clients, prospects, and other real estate professionals.

Natural Imagery

Pictometry captures images obliquely, or from an angle, and creates a more natural three-dimensional view so that users can see land features, entire structures, and even legible tenant names on buildings. Pictometry imagery provides a very detailed and high-resolution view of the property or area from any direction.

Users are granted copyright permission to capture Pictometry images and include them in presentations, flyers, and brochures. Because presentation audiences actually can see and read building and tenant names on retail, high-rise, and industrial buildings, they can process property details more efficiently. This feature is not available with other imagery software.

Better Presentations

The addition of STDBonline’s creating map presentations has been a long time coming. In the past, commercial real estate professionals printed maps and aerials and used markers to create paper presentations. This was a slow but necessary way to tell a property’s story and provide details about the surrounding market. For the last decade, users could save a map or an image and use a desktop application such as Adobe Photoshop, PrintKey, or Snag-It to create a presentation.

Now in minutes STDBonline users can create map presentations in Site Analysis 3.0. They can add shapes, text, images, and arrows and create polygons to highlight market areas. Users can control the location, color, and size with a simple mouse click. And for a true GIS experience, annotations are anchored to the map using the latitude and longitude.

Map presentations allow presenters to label the owners or tenants in a specific property, highlight the land area boundaries, add images or text describing features in the market area, and show the important aspects of a property or an area. After finishing, users can save the map presentation as an image file or print the presentation maps and use them whenever and wherever desired. Users also may save the presentations for future use and editing when changes occur. This service is not currently available in other online programs — only in STDBonline Site Analysis.


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