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CCIM Spotlight: Industry Ambassador

A CCIM shares his real estate expertise worldwide.

With more than 50 years of real estate knowledge and expertise, Sheldon F. Good, CCIM, chairman emeritus of Sheldon Good & Co., in Chicago, is something of an industry icon. Since starting his own auction and commercial real estate company in 1965, this co-founder and former president of the CCIM Institute has generated more than $8 billion in sales. Recently, Good was selected as a delegate to the United Nations representing the International Real Estate Federation, also known as FIABCI. This prestigious honor is one of the capstones on Good’s solid foundation of industry accomplishments.

Throughout his career, Good has focused his energy on educating the industry about raising the standard for real estate professionals, he says. He also has served as a resource to industry trade associations, speaking at events about key issues and serving on committees. His local activities include being the president of the Chicago Association of Realtors in 1989 and the chairman of its hall of fame selection committee as well as a lifetime member of its educational foundation. “I founded both [programs] while serving as CAR president and have raised just under $1 million for the association’s education foundation,” Good notes. Because of his work with the association, he received the CAR Realtor of the Year award in 1991.

Prior to becoming a U.N. representative, Good was asked to speak about the importance of affordable and public housing in the U.S. at several U.N. conferences in New York and Vancouver, B.C., as well as at top-ranking universities. He also spoke internationally about increasing the business of real estate representatives throughout the world. “FIABCI wants to work on establishing a good relationship between the real estate communities of the world and their governmental authorities in order to make the world a better place to live, work, and play through the use of real estate,” he says. Aside from speaking engagements, Good also helped arrange a “Day at the U.N.,” a forum where global real estate executives could meet to discuss international real estate issues.

Good was selected to represent FIABCI at the U.N. as a non-governmental member because he served as a world leader of the professional real estate community and as FIABCI’s world president in 1996–97. As FIABCI president, he was the leader of a worldwide network of more than 1 million real estate professionals as well as corporate, academic, and public institutions. He also led trade missions, visiting 15 countries on four continents and conferring with thousands of real estate specialists, presidents, government officials, and foreign dignitaries.

Good became a U.N. delegate, which is a volunteer position, in February 2007. While FIABCI only has five delegates to the U.N., “overall, the federation represents members from 110 real estate trade associations in 60 countries,” he says. As part of his U.N. duties, Good attends meetings on current real estate topics such as affordable housing, land use, and property rights, which are issues of importance to the U.N., he explains. With this new responsibility, Good hopes to help “spread the gospel of the U.N. and try to create a more peaceful world.”

Stephanie Bell

“I went through the [recession in the] 1980s and purposely set out a market plan that would not have the boom-and-bust [nature] that comes with real estate cycles.” — Joe W. Milkes, CCIM, Milkes Realty Valuation, Dallas“We were anticipating a slowdown in the market and wanted to develop an avenue of business that would create a steady stream of income.” — Yvonne Jones, CCIM, CPM, Zifkin Realty Management LLC, Chicago“I help struggling companies rethink their business models, which includes determining the most profitable use of their real estate.” — Audie Cashion, CCIM, Alpha World Properties LLC, High Point, N.C.Stephanie Bell is associate editor of Commercial Investment Real Estate.


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