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CCIM Connections Continued: STDBonline

In the May/June 2010 issue of Commercial Investment Real Estate, CCIM members discuss how they use STDBonline, a demographics and mapping program, to leverage their business opportunities. Here’s what other CCIMs have to say about this member benefit of the CCIM Institute developed by CCIM Technologies. Find out more at

Site To Do Business is an invaluable tool in any real estate transaction. Even if you don't need the information for the sale, the presentation and ability to access this in-depth market information quickly and easily gives CCIM members a definite edge over their competition. – Cynthia L. Hopkins, CCIM

Working in Fargo, North Dakota, requires me to concentrate on every area of commercial real estate. STDBonline features allow me to present professional, industry-specific materials in my listing presentations and marketing materials. All for the price of my CCIM membership! – Thomas S. Kiewel, CCIM

I use most of the features in STDB; they give me a very competitive edge over my competition when preparing listing presentations. I especially like Pictometry Oblique feature. I use these high-quality aerials in all proposals, listings, and Web pages relating the subject property. – Neil Victor, CCIM

As the immediate past president of the Indiana CCIM Chapter, STDB is something I’ve been preaching for several years now. Chapter officers are constantly looking for ways to convey CCIM’s true value proposition. With benefits like STDB it’s not hard to do. This is one of the most powerful tools out there. Funny thing is, many CCIM designees struggle with how best to apply it to everyday transactions and business opportunities. I have found STDB to be an invaluable resource in gaining listings, especially in today’s down market. Owners want to know exactly how you are going to solve their vacancy issue –- it’s not good enough to simply provide the standard bound “book” that many brokerages are so proud of –- they say a whole lot about the broker and their company but not much about how they specifically will tackle the task at hand. I’ve used STDB to do just that –- walk the prospective listing client through my process to show them exactly who I will target and even provide them with a sample list of who those targets are. Owners love this sort of thing and it can really set you apart. – Jeremy Woods, CCIM

The STDB tool gives me the ability to compete with multinational companies even though I am a one-man operation. Its presentation value is limitless and really helps me differentiate myself from the competition. – Chris Cervelli, CCIM

The Canadian additions to STDB will prove to be game changers for individual CCIM designees in Canada. I use them extensively and with new apps and additions on the way, it will have even more power. Our tenant mandate business loved our reporting and presentations before, and now it is better and faster. Lenders appreciate additional support for loans, and even assessment agencies will be able to see clearly commercial nuances on comparables. – Sandy G. Shindleman, CCIM

I use STDBonline quite a bit for demographics, traffic counts, etc. I have recently made use of it to create and print colorful traffic count maps to paint a picture for prospective tenants who currently have more options available in our market than landlords are accustomed to. This service has been well received by my landlord clients as they now have tenants moving in vs.
having vacant spaces. – Jay Verro, CCIM

I regularly use STDBonline to help me serve my clients to a higher degree and distinguish myself from other brokers. With STDBonline, I have been able to quickly deliver superior information, with demographics, mapping, and comprehensive site research to give my clients the best possible information. This complete approach helps my clients make well-informed real estate decisions, which in turn lead to higher client retention and more closings! I recently closed a $5.6 million retail transaction where I was able to successfully utilize STDB’s mapping system to help my client obtain the absolute highest value for their property that will result in a 103,000+ square-foot build-to-suit grocery store. – Andy R. Fishler, CCIM

By having the resources of STDBonline, I assisted a large national retailer in the acquisition of space in West Michigan. STDB provides me with the tools and data needed for tenants to make decisions based on a particular property’s demographics, traffic counts, and location in relation to other big boxes. – Dave Kwekel, CCIM


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