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CCIM Connections Continued(1)

In the July/August 2010 issue of CIRE, CCIM members discussed the resources they found most useful at their local CCIM chapters. Here other CCIMs expound on the benefits that local chapters provide. To find out how to join your local chapter, go to

"For me, it’s the networking. I have met so many wonderful people who also happen to be tops in their field that I feel I have a brain trust I can tap into whenever I need it."

Alex Ruggieri, CCIM, MBA,
lllinois CCIM Chapter

"One of the major benefits is the monthly marketing sessions. The first two hours of each monthly chapter meeting consists of a lively marketing session with a cadre of moderators boasting over 90 years of professional real estate marketing expertise. Our chapter has perfected a two-page PowerPoint template that communicates critical information that would generate a high probability of reaching escrow. Each marketing session is attended by 70 to 120 commercial/industrial brokers and chapter affiliates in a face-to-face platform that promotes networking."

Rene Nelson, CCIM,
Oregon/SW Washington CCIM Chapter

"Commercial real estate in Florida is unique in so many ways and it helps to be able to speak a common language with other CCIMs across the state to &“cut to the chase&” and understand where the market is and where it may be going. Thanks to CCIM I have key broker relationships that I trust in every major Florida market."

Scott Lloyd, CCIM,
Florida CCIM Chapter, Central District

"I have had a number of referrals from out-of-state CCIM members because I have the CCIM designation and they recognize the value of the designation, along with the level of professionalism, integrity, and experience that comes from someone who has received the CCIM designation."

Lisa L. Diehl, CCIM, CPM,
Minnesota/Dakotas CCIM Chapter

"I would have to say the relationships I have developed with quality experienced commercial real estate practitioners while doing volunteer leadership for the Oklahoma CCIM Chapter is probably the most important benefit."

George Thomas, CCIM,
Oklahoma CCIM Chapter

"I have met brokers from out of town while serving on my state chapter board. I have sent and received referrals from out-of-town brokers, and we have joked that the transactions will pay our CCIM dues for the next decade."

Robin Eschliman, CCIM,
Nebraska CCIM Chapter

"I value and use the Ohio CCIM Chapter members the most. With an e-mail or a phone call, I can normally get more information and knowledge than I can possibly use. I also appreciate the chapter networking events, which often coincide with educational events."

Shad Phipps, CCIM,
Ohio CCIM Chapter

"I never miss the Free Continuing Education days at the North Carolina chapter."

Eddie Blanton, CCIM,
North Carolina CCIM Chapter

"The CCIM Taiwan Chapter is my connection to the network of CCIMs worldwide. Though there are only 130 CCIMs in Taiwan, we have been contacting each other frequently to exchange market information and opportunities."

Michelle Liu, CCIM,
Taiwan CCIM Chapter

"If you choose to be in real estate, and want to practice at a higher level, you simply have to be involved in CCIM. It validates you in the market."

Hayim Mizrachi, CCIM,
Southern Nevada CCIM Chapter

"My core business is brokering commercial real estate loans and I can honestly say that I have closed and earned commissions on all types of deals that were originated through my connections with other local chapter members."

Andy Hantges, CCIM,
Southern Nevada CCIM Chapter

"Our chapter hosts monthly networking luncheons that provide three primary benefits: They are a great opportunity to garner additional exposure for properties through a haves-and-wants session; the monthly sponsors/speakers keep attendees up to date on current real estate-related business trends; they provide a regular opportunity to network with other CCIMs and candidates."

Jay Taylor, CCIM,
North Carolina CCIM Chapter, Triangle District

"Being involved at the chapter level has helped me become more involved at the national level. I have really met a lot of great people and developed friendships that will last a life time. I not only value their friendship, but to do transactions with a friend sure makes it a lot more fun! These are the people who you can always ask for help or advice -- whether it’s personal or business."

Jerry Hall, CCIM,
Ohio CCIM Chapter

"Being a member of the best country club in town is nice but if you don't go there and use it, your game will not get any better. That's the way I think of my CCIM chapter."

Don Rudolph, CCIM,
Florida CCIM Chapter, Central Florida District

"Since I have served on committees, the board, and am a past president, the public relations of being &“out front&” has been very valuable in my networking efforts and ultimately to my career. I have completed several sales of industrial and office buildings because of direct relationships with other CCIMs or because a prospect viewed my profile on the CCIM Web site and contacted me. There is no question that my involvement in CCIM has been a huge benefit to my confidence, my income, my career advancement, and my friendships."

Beth Young, CCIM, LEED-AP,
Houston/Gulf Coast CCIM Chapter

"The local CCIMs are really the deal makers in our community. When I go to a meeting I always see a CCIM broker that I am working with on a current transaction. I value the education almost as much as the networking, but the networking nudges out the education by a nose. The deals are still done through people."

Rob Kost, CCIM,
Minnesota/Dakotas Chapter

"In 2010 I can attribute two direct opportunities to participating in the local chapter. They both involve partnerships with talented individuals who complement the services offered by our firm."

Ira Korn, CCIM,
Upstate New York CCIM Chapter

"My CCIM designation and subsequent relationship with other CCIMs has been instrumental in achieving success in my corporate real estate career. The stable of well-educated, experienced professionals is without equal."

Donald J. Becka, CCIM,
Washington State CCIM Chapter

"Whenever I have a question or a need that is out of the ordinary, I can leverage my connections with other local CCIMs to solve the client’s problem."

Nicholas L. Miner, CCIM,
Central Arizona CCIM Chapter

"As a consultant to several investors pursuing the acquisition of opportunistic loans and REO assets, I am continuously in need of assistance in many national markets with my due diligence and underwriting needs. I use my CCIM directory to locate other CCIM professionals for broker opinions of value and a better understanding of market conditions."

Rosalie G. Keszler, CCIM,
Central Texas CCIM Chapter

"We have a monthly deal-making Webinar that brings new faces into my business each and every month. Several opportunities recently came about to joint list projects and collaborate in marketing. Also, we are working with some out-of-state folks now that we would not have met if not for my active involvement in chapter business."

Jim Tucker, CCIM,
Virginia CCIM Chapter

"I value the friendships and marketing sessions the most out of my membership benefits, along with the knowledge that comes from being around and interacting with professionals that have this much commercial real estate experience."

Scott Senter, CCIM,
North Texas CCIM Chapter, High Plains District


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