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Who uses’s Find a Professional directory? Just about everyone from private investors to corporate space users, according to CCIM designees. “I love this feature,” says Fred Caminite, CCIM, CPM. “But some CCIMs I’ve contacted are actually surprised that I found their name in the database.”

Don’t overlook this member benefit that connects potential clients and industry colleagues with CCIMs every day.

Streamline Your Search

As the person responsible for handling the dispositionof real estate assets in other states, I automatically turn to Find a Professional to identify CCIMs in a particular geographic region who have the asset-type specialization we need. We’ve disposed of multifamily, retail, land, medical office, industrial, and even food-processing plants over the past two years with the help of CCIMs.

Fred Caminite, CCIM, CPM

Cross-Border Contact

In 2007, at the height of the real estate market, Canadian buyers found my partner, Henry Hagendorf, CCIM, and me through the CCIM database. They said they wanted to purchase some properties in the Houston market.I returned the call and, after learning more about their goals and budget, got to work finding them some good options.Ultimately, they invited their parents to join them in the purchase of three buildings in Houston that summer.

Beth Young, CCIM

Big Companies Find Pros

On more than one occasion I have been contacted by Fortune 500 companies seeking professional assistance in central Indiana. These big companies might not have a pre-existing relationship with an expert in the area. Holding the CCIM and SIOR designations serves as a differentiator if all other factors are equal.

Jeff Castell, CCIM, SIOR

Where CCIMs Connect

Debra Stracke Anderson, CCIM, SIOR, found me through the Find a Professional database, which we used to call The Red Book! I helped her with a lease transaction for her client. On another occasion, aCCIM involved in agricultural real estate investment trusts 3,000 miles away recommended me to an employee of a company. That was years ago, and that employee is long gone. But I’m still working as a commercial real estate adviser to that corporation.

Debra Lee Stevens, CCIM

An Expert in the Area

A young couple from California contacted me to help them acquire an investment property in Columbus, Ohio. I was curious about how they had located me, and when I asked they said they had searched for CCIMs in central Ohio on the CCIM Web site. The end result? They purchased a property for $1.75 million.

Jerry Hall, CCIM

Brokers Need Help Too

I can usually attribute seven to 10 deals a year to my CCIM affiliation. For instance, I received a call from a Kia Motors broker looking for a location in Morristown, Tenn. The broker said they always try to find a CCIM to help withsite selection, and, as the only CCIM in the area, I received the assignment. After a short search, the Kia franchisee bought an old 80,000-square-foot Lowe’s building and converted it into a dealership. This location became the largest Kia dealership in the world.

Paul LeBel, CCIM


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