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Even the most well-educated commercial real estate practitioners can use a little good advice now and then. Here CCIMs share the nuggets of wisdom from colleagues and mentors that have helped them navigate markets both good and bad.

Deliver the Message

Communicate. The worst kind of news is no news. Be honest, frank, and clear in delivering the news people need to hear, not necessarily what they want to hear.

- Tim Hatlestad, CCIM

Travel for Business

Get on an airplane and go visit your out-of-town clients or prospects in person. On the same note, attend national real estate marketing sessions or conferences where people are gathered to do business. Getting in front of people at these events is much more productive than sitting in the office.

-Jon S. England, CCIM

Serve the Community

Get involved in the community. I have been tapped by many in the community as an expert - someone they can trust to give them knowledgeable and honest opinions. You can't buy that type of advertising.

- Soozi Jones Walker, CCIM, SIOR

Be Patient

Don't wait to buy real estate; buy real estate and wait.

- Robert Liebeck, CCIM

Distinguish Yourself

Obtain the CCIM designation. I did in 2002. At the time, I didn't feel it was a good use of time or money, but I was very wrong. Those letters behind my name instantly changed the way I was received and respected among my peers and within the community.

- Andie Wilson, CCIM

Don't Disappear

Stay very visible. As the market started to go down, we increased our presence at conferences, did more press releases, and gave more speeches. This helped us to gain market share in a tough time.

- John Crossman, CCIM

Pitch Solutions

Listing presentations are not about you - they are about the client. Don't spend an hour pitching your services. Spend the time discussing how the new client-broker collaboration will solve the client's challenges.

- John F. Thiry, CCIM

Expand Your Expertise

Add a “pay for results” service. I started doing property tax reduction in 2008. My fee was only paid if I was able to get the client a reduction. I had over $3 million in tax assessment reductions in 2009.

- Charlie Brenner, CCIM

Buy Property

Only by standing in the shoes of a property owner can a broker truly understand the needs of his or her clients.

- Henry Chazankin, CCIM

Think Again

If you roll over and die you will roll over and die. In other words, our success or failure does not depend so much on the condition of our market as it does on the condition of our thinking. As CCIMs this is our time to shine!

- Alex Ruggieri, CCIM

Confront Challenges

Whether you're a developer, broker, or asset manager, our primary job is to create value by undoing constraints.

- Beau Beery, CCIM, CPM

Invest With Care

You can go broke buying bargains.

-Steven Wright, CCIM

Empathize With Clients

Approach a property as if you yourself were the buyer. Steering a client in the correct direction for their specific needs will leave a lasting impression and lead to more work.

- Brian D. Frank, CCIM, GAA

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