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“I’m a CCIM: That’s the first thing that prospective clients learn about me,” says Maggie Nigro, CCIM, who credits the designation for opening many doors — and closing numerous deals. CCIMs like Nigro actively promote the designation among prospective clients and colleagues, and their efforts yield more business opportunities.

Resident Experts

Our firm has the largest number of CCIMs in a 200-mile radius. We give CIRE magazine to clients as Christmas gifts. By educating our local market about the designation, we get more leads, more listings, and more sales.
— Skip Duemeland, CCIM

Client Catcher

I have consummated several transactions with clients looking for a CCIM in Las Vegas who found me via the old CCIM Red Book, CCIM’s Find a Professional database, or Internet search engine. These potential clients were pre-qualified because they were sold on the designation.
— Charlie Mack, CCIM

Sign Language

I list the CCIM designation after my name on all property marketing signs, which is especially effective when out-of-state tenants or representatives are touring the market. When these individuals see the designation, they conclude that I know the market and the business.
— Rob Kost, CCIM

Preach What You Practice

Many private lenders don’t understand what the CCIM designation means. Educating them gives them an understanding of the credentials and the quality of services they can expect from a CCIM.
— Armando Ruiz, CCIM, CIPS

Play the Links

My team’s Web site includes a link to the CCIM Web site. This allows visitors to learn more about the designation at their leisure.
— Maggie Nigro, CCIM

What’s in a Name?

I don’t actively market my CCIM designation: It is a part of my name. It is on everything I do, including the top position on my personal Web site list. The designation is a “business getter” in a small town like ours. It’s my most valuable asset in the commercial real estate business.
— Donnie McKinney, CCIM

Pin Power

I encourage all designees to wear the pin whenever they are working. Toward that end, I just convinced our chapter to purchase pins for every member. We plan to hand these out at our annual meeting in December on a card that asks them to wear it with pride.
— Daryl Crotts, CCIM, CPM, GRI

Be the Builder

Life, commercial real estate, and CCIM all are fundamentally about relationships — whether with each other, the institute, or the community. Building the relationships builds the designation.
— Lynn Mitchell, CCIM

Meet the Press

I have arranged lunch meetings with the various reporters in charge of the real estate/business section of newspapers where I announce my position with CCIM and explain how great CCIM is and what it takes to be a CCIM.
-— Peter Paik, CCIM

Conspire to Inspire

When we inspire others to enhance their knowledge, skills, and abilities through CCIM, we not only make a friend for life but also improve the efficiency, professionalism, and financial prospects of the entire commercial real estate industry.
— Alexander E.L. Nall, CCIM


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