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MailBridge,, is one of the hardest-working CCIM member benefits. And most economical — like free! Members use it to impress clients, close deals, and find out what’s selling where.

Marketing and More

• puts my properties in front of brokers who understand IRRs, NPVs, cash on cash, and other concepts;
• tells prospective clients that I have access to an elite list of commercial real estate professionals at the click of a button.
— Nicholas L. Miner, CCIM

Regional Info Source

Several investors asked me to present opportunities outside of Southern California. Using MailBridge I located investments I would not have otherwise uncovered. The CCIM members who responded were a wealth of resources, assisting me with information on the local economy, investment climate, comparable sales, and future growth. This cooperation saved me valuable time and gave my clients up-to-date information.
— Christopher L. Rink, CCIM

A Tool for Today’s Market

MailBridge is invaluable, particularly in today’s market conditions. In collaboration with CCIM candidate Will Young, we’ve closed two shopping center sales and have five fast-food portfolio deals in process at this time, all thanks to MailBridge contacts.
— Arthur Hill, CCIM

Access to Advice

A client called me seeking advice on handling negotiations with a national tenant. I said I would try to get a sense of what this retailer was doing in the marketplace. The MailBridge response from my fellow CCIMs was terrific. I forwarded about six e-mails directly to my client, who was very impressed and several weeks later referred me to another client.
— Jerry Conroy, CCIM

Qualified Results

MailBridge alone is worth my annual dues. I had 50-plus quality responses on a mobile home park within 48 hours of an e-mail.
— Robert K. Fisher, CCIM


I advertised an O’Reilly Auto Parts store last year on MailBridge and received dozens of responses, including one from a broker who wanted to buy it for his own account. He made an LOI offer and the property closed in November 2009.
— John H. Capes, CCIM

MailBridge gives you access to some of the best minds in the business!
— Daryl A. Crotts, CCIM


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