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CCIM’s core curriculum offers a solid foundation on which to build a successful career in commercial real estate, but the education program doesn’t end with the designation. The Ward Center for Real Estate Studies offers workshops, Webinars, and online courses that are designed to help commercial real estate professionals profit in a fast-changing industry. Here, CCIMs discuss the Ward Center courses that changed the way they do business.

Universal Application

The managing director of the Real Property Acquisition and Disposal office of the U.S. State Department sponsored the two-day Advanced Negotiation Workshop for our division.We manage the purchase, lease, and disposition of all U.S. diplomatic properties outside U.S. borders. I was a CCIM candidate at the time, so I knew how consistently excellent CCIM courses are.I was able to encourage most of my colleagues to take advantage of the opportunity and their feedback was extremely positive.

I have since used the negotiating techniques learned during the class in a number of international real estate actions for the department.The perspective and approach to negotiating are universally applicable, regardless of language barriers or cultural differences.I now prepare for the negotiation process by studying the needs, interests, and possible motivations of all the principals. Applying the skills acquired in the course, I build trust with the people across the table and demonstrate that I am not there to take advantage of them, but rather to work toward a mutually beneficial outcome.

David Lauster, CCIM, CIPS

Negotiate With Confidence

The techniques I learned in the Advanced Negotiation Workshop helped me tremendously when I listed a two-story office building. An individual who had made a low-ball lease offer was interested in purchasing the property. I told him we had a recent appraisal from the bank for $3.6 million, so that would be the price.We went into negotiations and he made another low-ball offer — $2.8 million. We countered with $3.3 million and told him to take it or leave it.He took it and we went to escrow.

However, during his due diligence period, the buyer had the building inspected and came back with an offer of $2.9 million. I advised the owners not to respond. Ten days later, I received an email from the buyer’s attorney.I simply replied: “The price is now $3.6 million.” The next morning, the buyer called me and said, “We’re going to have to negotiate this.” I replied that we had negotiated in good faith and he had the property in escrow at $3.3 million. The techniques I learned in the Advanced Negotiation Workshop led to the successful close of this deal at $3.3 million.

—Kent Clifford, CCIM

Expanded Service

I participated in the Troubled Assets Workshop led by Mark J. Polon, CCIM, in Atlanta in February. The best tip I picked up is that banks need all types of assistance with troubled assets aside from broker opinions of value and help with selling their properties. I specialize in the sale of commercial real estate-owned properties, and I have increased my volume of listings by simply offering to help the asset managers with anything they need, rather than just going after listings on specific properties.

—FredGunther, CCIM

Instructors Approve

I’d known Mark Cypert, CCIM, for a few years, and I’d been working to bring him to Albuquerque to teach the Advanced Market Analysis for Commercial Real Estate course. Mark has run several large funds that invested heavily in office buildings all over the country, and his application of the tools he teaches in this class has made him and his investors a pile of money.

When we finally had our course, it was a gigantic success. The classroom sold out, the students loved the new tools and market insight, and we received some fabulous comments such as, “Best class I’ve taken all year.”

—Todd Clarke, CCIM, CCIM Instructor


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