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Whether they call it STDBonline, STDB, or Site to Do Business, CCIMs use this powerful site analysis and demographic data tool on a daily basis. It’s one of the many member benefits that boost CCIMs ahead of the competition.

Fast Data

In the time it took to discuss a client’s new-location concerns on the phone, we put together a full STDB package including demographics, aerial map showing competition and services in the area, and traffic counts. It was e-mailed to him and received before the call was completed. He could not believe the data we sent over so quickly! He was sold on the location and we are finalizing the lease now.
— Soozi Jones-Walker, CCIM

New Tools

The new map annotation and aerial photos are great. I also use the business list quite a bit to prospect and do mailings.
— Craig Johnson, CCIM, RECS

A New Angle

Using the STDB Pictometry oblique tool, I was able to produce a customized aerial display of a former corporate HQ building with a unique large acreage campus — even as a rank amateur on a PC. Zoom-out shots highlight key location advantages, the neighbors, and the nearby interstate exit.
— Sydney Machat, CCIM

Money-saving Research

STDB has saved us millions of dollars over the years with its research potential. When presented with a buy opportunity, STDB is the first place we go to learn the market. By looking at maps, demographic reports, and businesses in the area, we are able to quickly eliminate properties without having to waste thousands of dollars through travel.
— Beau Beery, CCIM, MSRE

Getting the Business

In today’s down market, owners want to know exactly how you are going to solve their vacancy issue. I’ve used STDB to do just that — walk the prospective listing client through my process to show them exactly who I will target and even provide them with a sample list of who those targets are. Owners love this sort of thing and it can really set you apart.
— Jeremy Woods, CCIM

Deal Closer

I recently closed a $5.6 million retail transac-tion where I was able to successfully utilize STDB’s mapping system to help my client
obtain the absolute highest value for their property, which will accommodate a 103,000-square-foot build-to-suit grocery store.
— Andy Fishler, CCIM

Lender Info

We utilized STDB to produce a lender report to show a site’s potential as a restaurant. This deal ultimately won the Beaumont Board of Realtors’ 2009 Commercial Transaction of the Year.
— Lee Y. Wheeler III, CCIM


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