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Having just returned from this year’s business meetings and CCIM Live! conference, I want to welcome the 348 new CCIMs who earned the designation in Phoenix. You have taken a major step toward improving your success rate in commercial real estate. Current designees can continue to receive the benefits of membership by renewing now at

Among the new designees is sports legend Emmitt Smith, CCIM, who said he chose to pursue the CCIM designation because he wanted to be taken seriously. In his CCIM Live! address, Smith emphasized how much we control our own destiny — even in difficult economic times. “Attitude determines your altitude,” he said. Sports mogul Jerry Colangelo reiterated that message in his keynote speech, saying, “There are opportunities out there if you seek them.”

Conference attendees came away with solid information on where the economy is headed and ideas for zeroing in on market opportunities. Those who were unable to attend can get a taste of the presentations by viewing video clips at In addition, chapters will have access to video tapings of the conference sessions.

Also taking place in Phoenix was the inauguration of Leil Koch, CCIM, 2012 president of the CCIM Institute. Leil will discuss his programs in the next issue of CIRE as well as in a video address posted at

I would like to thank Leil, Wayne D’Amico, CCIM, and Charles Connely, CCIM, for their help in leading the institute this year. They will continue as part of Leil’s Leadership Team, joined by new First Vice President Karl Landreneau, CCIM. In addition, my thanks go to Executive Vice President/CEO Henry White Jr. and the CCIM Institute staff for their assistance and unwavering dedication throughout the year.

Frank N. Simpson, CCIM

President, CCIM Institute


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