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The Smartphone Graduates

Sprint is the first major wireless carrier to introduce 4G service with the HTC Evo 4G, a smartphone that operates with Google’s Android system. Where Sprint’s 4G service is available, users can browse and download at speeds that rival Wi-Fi. The phone also boasts a 4.3-inch LCD screen, a front-facing camera for video conferencing, and a high-definition video camera. The Evo costs $199.99 with a two-year Sprint contract and mail-in rebate.

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Where’s Wireless?

Connecting your smartphone to a Wi-Fi signal avoids eating up your monthly data allotment, but finding a reliable signal can be tricky. The free Wi-Fi Analyzer Android app helps by displaying the strength of nearby signals.

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Power Play

Running appliances and utilities at full power during peak demand times can be costly for property managers and building owners. Regen Energy’s EnviroGrid load controllers flatten these peaks. Each controller monitors and broadcasts how much power its attached load consumes, and the system decides which loads to run and which ones to curtail. Pricing information is available upon request.

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Land a Loan

In Commercial Mortgages 101, author Michael Reinhard takes readers through the process of assembling a loan request package. The book discusses terms and concepts, such as debt service coverage ratio and net operating income, that will look familiar to anyone who’s completed CCIM’s CI 101 course. Covering practical methods for getting a loan approved, Commercial Mortgages 101 serves as a financing primer or a refresher course. The book costs $21.95.

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Scan on the Run

Contracts, news articles, or wine bottle labels can be archived digitally on the fly with Planon’s DocuPen RC805. Equipped with 8 MB of storage, the pen-size portable scanner captures images in black and white and color from 100 dpi to 400 dpi. An optional MicrosSD memory card provides up to 2 GB of additional memory. The DocuPen costs $159.99.

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It’s a Whole New Business


Foreign Capital Buys Offices In 2014, foreign capital was particularly focused on office assets, purchasing $17 billion of U.S. office properties, according to CBRE. That amount represents 45 percent of last year’s foreign investment in U.S. commercial real estate. More

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Calendar Integration Any.DO’s Cal calendar app for iPhone tracks users’ schedules in an intuitive interface that includes contacts, smart maps, and integrated social media. The app connects existing calendar services, including Google Calendar, as well as Any.DO’s to do app.

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Outsmart Time The Pebble E Paper Watch receives notifications from users’ iPhone and Android devices after they download the Pebble app. A silent vibration signals incoming calls, emails, texts, social media alerts, and more. Users choose from multiple watch face

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Practice Safe LeasingBest Commercial Lease Clauses, Fifth Edition, offers insight into effectively structuring commercial leases using more than 125 model lease clauses and other examples. The book includes select articles from the Commercial Lease Law Insider, which covers rent payment,

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