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Improving Appraisals

Exceeding Expectations: Producing Appraisal Reports and Services That Delight Clients, by Scott Schafer, MAI, provides strategies for appraisers during a time when their work is receiving more attention. The author gives appraisers insights into softer skills involved in the profession, including active listening and effective writing. A section on internal quality control details techniques for ensuring an appraisal meets clients’ expectations. The book costs $40 for Appraisal Institute members and $50 for non-members.

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Cloud Collaboration

Google Cloud Connect, a free add-on for Microsoft Office, syncs Excel, PowerPoint, and Word files to a Google Docs account, where they can be shared with collaborators. A new version of a file is created in Google Docs each time a change is saved. One gigabyte of free storage is included, and additional storage can be purchased. Cloud Connect requires a free Google account.

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Efficient Illumination

The Vu1 ESL light bulb combines the lifespan of a compact florescent with the softer light of an incandescent. The mercury-free bulb lasts up to 11,000 hours and can be used on dimmer switches. Similar to the cathode-ray tubes in tube TVs, the bulb illuminates when electrons strike phosphor-coated glass. The Vu1 bulb costs $19.95

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App Control

Access a computer from an iPhone, iPad, or Android device with the Splashtop Remote app. When a mobile device and a computer are on the same wireless network, the app allows users to open files, run programs, and play audio and video files. The iPhone and iPad version costs 99 cents. The full Android version costs $4.99; the free version limits users to a five-minute connection.

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HTC’s Thunderbolt phone comes with an 8-megapixel camera, 8 GB of internal memory, and front-facing camera, allowing users to make video calls through services such as Skype. The phone’s 4.3-inch screen is among the largest available. Verizon subscribers can take advantage of its 4G speeds in certain cities. The Thunderbolt’s mobile hotspot feature can transmit a wireless Internet signal to eight devices. The phone costs $569.99, or $249.99 with a two-year contract.

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It’s a Whole New Business


Foreign Capital Buys Offices In 2014, foreign capital was particularly focused on office assets, purchasing $17 billion of U.S. office properties, according to CBRE. That amount represents 45 percent of last year’s foreign investment in U.S. commercial real estate. More

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Time for a ShiftIn Shift Commercial How Top Commercial Brokers Tackle Tough Times, author and KW Commercial president Buddy Norman presents 12 tactics that commercial real estate practitioners must employ to succeed during an industry upheaval. Norman and co author

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Casing the iPad 2ClamCase functions as a Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard, hard shell case, and stand for the iPad 2. It comes with cutouts for the iPad’s speakers and camera. When the case is opened or closed, integrated magnets awaken or

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Airports as City Centers Frictionless connectivity of goods to buyers and people to ideas will give rise to the aerotropolis, a city built around an airport. John D. Kasarda and Greg Lindsay explore this notion and its implications in their

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