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Plug and Protect
Clickfree’s HD225 portable backup drive automatically copies and secures computer files. To start the backup process, users only need to power up a computer and slide in the USB-compliant hard drive. More advanced users can customize their settings after the device is connected. With a 250 GB capacity, one drive holds approximately 100,000 images or 500,000 documents and can store information from up to 15 computers in 350 file types. The device also includes a restore function that returns data to original folder locations after a computer crash. The Clickfree HD225 costs $129.99.
Contact Clickfree at (866) 680-0516 or

Landlord Almighty
Virtual Premise Landlord Edition is a Web-based portfolio management system designed for property owners and managers. The program allows users to manage lease information, track critical dates, and generate transaction documents from a centralized database. With the ad hoc reporting tool, users also can identify trends across portfolios and share data across multiple platforms. Virtual Premise is compatible with a variety of accounting and enterprise resource planning systems. The program’s cost is available upon request.
Contact Virtual Premise at (404) 267-1781 or

High-Rise Uprising
Seventy percent of all commercial real estate construction projects are completed late and over budget, with 50 percent of construction costs attributed to waste. The Commercial Real Estate Revolution: Nine Transforming Keys to Lowering Costs, Cutting Waste, and Driving Change in a Broken Industry by Rex Miller, Dean Stromborn, Mark Iammarino, and Bill Black aims to reform this process and create a new, trust-based industry paradigm. After examining the market’s “$500 billion black hole” in part one, the book explains how early collaboration, built-in sustainability, project delivery integration, and other changes will allow the industry to “make the mindshift” and implement a framework that creates better better buildings while reducing costs. The appendix includes a list of recommended books and Web sites for additional mindshifting.
The book costs $39.95.
Contact Wiley at (877) 762-2974 or

Reply on the Sly
Do you owe a client a phone call but want to avoid an awkward, interminable, or downright hostile conversation? Slydial is a voice messaging service that lets users directly connect to a person’s mobile voicemail. The basic, ad-supported service does not require users to register. Premium Slydial service allows users to bypass ads, set up an online contact list, and download applications for iPhones, BlackBerrys, and Windows Mobile smartphones that streamline the messaging process. Basic service is free; premium service costs $2.95 per month, $29.95 per year, or 10 cents per call.
Contact Slydial at (267) 759-3425 or

Savvy Snapper
Designed for the photograph-it-and-Facebook-it age, Fujifilm’s Z30 FinePix digital camera includes a blog mode that lets users resize and reformat images for efficient upload to social networking sites. In addition, the 10-megapixel camera features a 2.7-inch LCD monitor, picture-stabilization technology to reduce blur, and a one-touch movie function that allows users to shoot and edit 60-second videos. The Z30 comes equipped with a battery charger, USB cable, and CD-ROM software. The camera costs $149.95.
Contact Fujifilm at (800) 800-3854 or


It’s a Whole New Business


Foreign Capital Buys Offices In 2014, foreign capital was particularly focused on office assets, purchasing $17 billion of U.S. office properties, according to CBRE. That amount represents 45 percent of last year’s foreign investment in U.S. commercial real estate. More

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Time for a ShiftIn Shift Commercial How Top Commercial Brokers Tackle Tough Times, author and KW Commercial president Buddy Norman presents 12 tactics that commercial real estate practitioners must employ to succeed during an industry upheaval. Norman and co author

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Casing the iPad 2ClamCase functions as a Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard, hard shell case, and stand for the iPad 2. It comes with cutouts for the iPad’s speakers and camera. When the case is opened or closed, integrated magnets awaken or

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Improving Appraisals Exceeding Expectations Producing Appraisal Reports and Services That Delight Clients, by Scott Schafer, MAI, provides strategies for appraisers during a time when their work is receiving more attention. The author gives appraisers insights into softer skills involved in

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