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Portable Scanner
The Scanalizer, a portable scanner by NeatReceipts, weighs less than a pound, is powered by a single USB cord, and can fit into a briefcase or laptop carrying case. The scanner allows users to scan items such as business cards, expense reports, and other documents. The device automatically sizes, crops, and rotates scanned documents to appear upright and scans in black and white or color. The Scanalizer also allows users to scan and navigate through organized digital folders. The device costs $229.95 and is available for multiple orders. Contact NeatReceipts at (866) 632-8732 or

A Better Keyboard
With a full layout, the Logitech diNovo Edge keyboard provides users with Bluetooth 2.0 wireless technology and combines scrolling, selection, and cursor control in a lightweight design. The keyboard features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack, TouchDisc for fast scrolling and navigation, PerfectStroke key system to eliminate slippage, an advanced touch-sensitive volume slider, backlit hot keys for keyboard shortcuts, and a charging base. Users also can launch Microsoft Windows Media Center with one button to gain quick Internet access. The diNovo Edge keyboard costs $200. Contact Logitech at (800) 884-9480 or

Smarter Headset
The redesigned Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth headset now includes three microphones, a voice-activated sensor, up to six hours of talk time, a 30-foot range, and military-grade noise shield technology. The device allows users to turn the shield on and off, reject a call, and change the headset’s volume. The earpiece is designed to fit comfortably in users’ ears and makes the headset easy to position. Jawbone comes with several ear buds and loops for additional comfort and security. The Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth headset costs $120. Contact Jawbone at or

Growing Your Business
In The Road to Organic Growth, author Edward D. Hess shares his study of business growth, providing a personal perspective on factors that foster healthy company growth. The book includes instructive examples from several leading companies and reveals strategies they have used to achieve long-term success. Chapters cover subjects such as why organic growth is beneficial, how to measure progress, and how to become a technology champion. The topics are designed to help readers understand how growing naturally can be beneficial to their businesses. The book costs $22.95. Contact EDH Ltd., at (828) 325-4966 or

Smartphone With Capabilities
The Nokia E62 combines Bluetooth wireless technology, enhanced voice commands, speaker phone, and conference call capability for up to six people. The phone supports third-party e-mail clients such as Xpress Mail and BlackBerry Connect and allows users to view attachments and use basic features of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. A 320-by-240-pixel display allows users to adjust brightness and contrast and use a full keyboard for data input. The phone also features a mini USB port and uses a standard lithium-ion battery, which permits up to 5.5 hours of digital talk time. The Nokia E62 costs $100 with a two-year Cingular Wireless contract. Contact Nokia at (866) 596-6542 or


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