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Fully Loaded Phone
The small, lightweight LG CU500 mobile phone includes up to five hours of talk time, a rotating 1.3-megapixel camera, a lithium-ion battery, and Bluetooth capability. Built-in features include streaming digital video and radio, Media Net multimedia Web and messaging service, and 3D speakers. Users can store up to 2,300 images, and USB mass storage allows for easy transfer of images between the phone and a computer. The LG CU500 costs $249.99 with discounts available for multiyear contracts.
Contact LG at (800) 793-8896 or

Pocket Camcorder
With a 1.5-inch color screen and internal flash memory, the Flip Video camcorder allows users to instantly record and share videos directly from the camcorder via the Internet and e-mail. The camcorder has a flip-out USB 2.0 arm that connects to both Macs and PCs. Users also can view, organize, and locally archive their photos and videos with the camcorder’s built-in Flip Video software program. The camcorder comes in two versions: The 30-minute version has 512 megabytes of storage and costs $120; the 60-minute version has 1 gigabyte of storage and costs $150.
Contact Flip Video at

Storage Robot
The fully automated Drobo storage robot combines up to four hard drives into one area of protected storage to help safeguard digital content. Easy to use, the Drobo is inserted into a standard 3.5-inch SATA I or II drive, is Mac and PC compatible, is accessible via high-speed USB 2.0, and requires no assembly. The device protects users against drive failure and data corruption, and users are able to expand the hard drive without downtime or reconfiguration. The Drobo costs $499.
Contact Drobo at (866) 997-6268 or

Watch TV Anywhere
Slingbox AV by Sling Media is ideal for users who frequently travel. The device is a companion for digital video recorders, cable, or satellite receivers and allows users to watch and control live and recorded television from any location with SlingStream technology. Using an Internet-connected computer or wireless mobiledevice, Slingbox AV also has widescreen support, provides a clear picture, includes high-qualityprogrammable video compression, and interfaces with Mac and PC. The Slingbox AV costs $150.
Contact Sling Media at (650) 293-8000 or

REIT Education
Real Estate Investment Trusts: A Global Analysis, edited by Rachel Booth, covers international REITs and significant property funds in 12 jurisdictions including Australia, France, Malaysia, and the U.S. Readers can learn from various experts about the rules and regulations governing REITs, their tax treatment, and how they contrast with other property funds in their jurisdictions. Other key concepts covered in the chapters are investor limitations, distribution requirements, conversion charges, and treatment of offshore investors. Contact the publisher for pricing information.
Contact Globe Business Publishing at (44-20) 7234-0606 or


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