April Online Deal Makers


Matthew T. McKeever, CCIM, of Cushman & Wakefield in Orlando, Fla., represented Orlando Sentinel Communications Co. in the more than 5-year, more than $2 million lease of 15,000 sf of office space in Orlando to an undisclosed lessee.

John H. Martin, CCIM, of Moses Tucker Real Estate in Little Rock, Ark., and a partner represented 123 West Third Associates in the more than $1.3 million sale of a 45,000-sf office building in Little Rock to Southern Bancorp CDC.

Cynthia R. Greenwell, CCIM, of Kean Properties LLC in Kihei, Hawaii, represented Maui Office LLC in the 5-year, $1 million lease of 5,332 sf of office space in Wailuku, Hawaii, to Carlsmith Ball LLP.


Danny Michael Raffle, CCIM, of illi Commercial Real Estate and a partner represented an undisclosed lessor in the more than 10-year, more than $2.2 million lease of 14,500 of retail space in Canoga Park, Calif., to Goodwill Industries.


Renee D. Dyer, CCIM, of Prudential CRES Commercial Real Estate in Trinity, Fla., represented Pro Tech Monitoring in the 10-year, $2.9 million lease of a 28,000-sf industrial property in Odessa, Fla., from Paladin Properties LLC.


J. Terry Lavery, CCIM, of Oxford Asset Management in Tucson, Ariz., represented The Bernard Group in the 5-year, $1.7 million lease of 27,000 sf of office/industrial space in Oro Valley, Ariz., to Securaplan Technologies.