President's Desk

Future Plans

As we begin 2015, the CCIM Institute is looking toward the future to enhance our position as the commercial real estate industry’s global standard for professional achievement. I look forward to building on the efforts of the Institute’s outstanding staff, volunteer leaders, and former leadership teams. Together we are embracing a new educational delivery model, new technology for members, and strategic growth opportunities that will have a significant impact on the entire industry.

Blended Learning. This year CCIM will focus on the continued development of the blended learning environment that combines both traditional in-class education with a facilitated online component. A key advantage of incorporating a wide range of web-based tools, multimedia assets, and online resources into CCIM’s traditional curriculum is improved student comprehension and retention.

Expanded Technology. To improve members’ business opportunities in an increasingly mobile environment, CCIM launched the new DealShare property sharing platform last fall. DealShare’s significant enhancements are creating more real-time opportunities for CCIMs to do business together. The new CCIM Connect social network is another tool that offers members a unique opportunity to communicate and share their expertise in an online environment. Finally, our agreement with Xceligent to provide enhanced capabilities in the STDB platform solidifies CCIM’s place as one of the industry’s top technology providers.

Strategic Growth. Finally, I’m excited to lead the organization as we pursue a number of new strategic initiatives in the coming year. These include

  • providing the highest quality education for commercial real estate professionals;
  • ensuring that the CCIM designation is the global standard for professional achievement in our industry;
  • equipping commercial real estate professionals with innovative business resources;
  • facilitating global commercial real estate education and business opportunities for our members; and
  • proactively managing our organization to sustain and enhance our relevance in the commercial real estate industry.

Ultimately, CCIM’s goal is to elevate our members to the highest levels of success in the commercial real estate profession. The 2015 leadership team appreciates your membership and looks forward to serving you.

Mark Macek, CCIM

2015 President


Mission Accomplished

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Winter 2022

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Fall 2021

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