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Introducing DealShare

For years, CCIM designees have successfully shared their property haves and wants via the members-only MailBridge email platform. This fall, MailBridge became DealShare, offering all CCIM members a more efficient, robust way to make connections and do business online. “DealShare gives members a more sophisticated platform for making business connections, sharing information, and acquiring solutions to problems from CCIM colleagues,” says CCIM Institute 2014 President Karl Landreneau, CCIM.

What Is DealShare?

DealShare is an online platform that connects CCIM members who want to buy, lease, or sell properties. Members can share their property haves and wants as they did in MailBridge, and DealShare offers them added features and capabilities. From creating customized multimedia “Haves” to providing additional business and demographic information about a property’s market area, DealShare offers a wide range of business-enhancing capabilities for CCIM members. Here are just a few of the key features of the new DealShare platform.

The Dashboard. When logging into DealShare for the first time, members see a customizable dashboard with multiple pods of information, such as recent postings, wants, likes, and more. This provides a snapshot of the member’s DealShare activity and the site’s activity. Members can arrange the pods within the dashboard according to relevance and importance to them.

Posting Haves. Just as with MailBridge, the most valuable aspect of DealShare is the ability to quickly share property haves with other qualified, interested members. DealShare is open to all designees and candidates, increasing the number of CCIM members who can create posts. In addition, members are no longer to limited to one post a day —they can post as many properties as they like. Postings expire after 30 days but can be set to expire earlier.

Members’ postings can now include text, images, video, pdf fliers, geocoded Google map views, and other key details. Users can view the postings by map location, thumbnail “card view,” or a listing view, which can be arranged by title, summary, date, type of property, or offer size. They can view all listings, just their wants, or segment by property, deal type, or size of offer. Listings can be emailed, saved, posted on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Subscribing to Wants. Members determine what postings they see by accessing the Subscriptions/Wants tab. They can set preferences regarding property type, market location, transaction size, and much more, to ensure they receive posts that match their interests. For location preferences, members can either enter a location and radius or mark a specific area on a map. They can also set up real-time, daily, or weekly email alerts to notify them when a post matches their preferences.

Intelligence. To ask questions, search for experts in a field, or find a form, members click on the Intelligence tab, which takes them to CCIM Connect, the new CCIM members’ social networking site. By responding to requests, members can help other members by providing such items as lease forms, examples of offering memorandums, property prices ranges, and other types of information and expertise. All members on CCIM Connect have access to the information when it’s posted and in the future, as posts are archived on the platform.

Additional Features. Since all property postings are geocoded, DealShare will be capable of tracking analytics and trends on postings as use of the site grows. External data provided by Dun & Bradstreet gives users additional market analysis options, including top employers and industries in the market. A click on the NAIC tab allows users to search 200 million companies worldwide. The Places tab allows members to enter a city/state or zipcode and retrieve detailed information about an area, including news, demographics, and property listings. Finally, users also have the capability to create property marketing brochures that may be shared with clients or passed along to interested parties in a few simple steps.

To learn the ins and outs of how to use DealShare, members are encouraged to “take a tour” of the site by clicking on the Logged in arrow. This guided tour offers step-by-step instructions for using DealShare’s many features. Members who need support can also submit questions and request assistance by clicking on the Issues tab. A quick user guide is on the DealShare Dashboard page.

Jennifer Norbut is senior editor of Commercial Investment Real Estate.

Jennifer Norbut

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