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In commercial real estate, each project is different from the last. Properties, personalities, financing terms, market conditions, and other factors continue to change and can make the life of a commercial real estate professional uncertain to say the least.

One of the best ways to combat the uncertainty is by measuring tangible characteristics of the real estate and its surroundings. STDB is built to help CCIM members make better decisions by using location technology. For example, an STDB user can better understand a neighborhood’s demographics to determine the likely success or failure of a new restaurant concept, planned development, or storage facility. Users can even gather a list of all of the tenants in an office building. STDB provides information such as demographics, retail market potential, tapestry segmentation, consumer spending, business list data, thematic mapping, flood source maps, Pictometry oblique imagery, USGS Topographic Maps, traffic counts, satellite imagery, map presentations, and comparison reports.

STDB tools are used by professionals in all disciplines of commercial real estate, including developers, brokers, investors, appraisers, landlords, tenant reps, leasing agents, retailers, lenders, site analysts, business consultants, and economic development planners. They use STDB to display unique real estate characteristics about an area or property, compare potential or existing locations, prospect, analyze, and understand market trends. Users may also create map annotations to illustrate an area, assess crime risk, analyze retail market potential, or even map competitor locations. Simple processes that yield quality data greatly enhance the way professionals provide valuable information to their clients and prospects during their decision-making process.

But even CCIM members who use STDB regularly may not be aware of these tools’ full capabilities. That’s why CCIM Technologies provides a variety of education and technical support.


The CCIMTech team conducts a series of webinars designed to help STDB users better understand the capabilities of the site as well as provide overviews of partner products on an ongoing basis. Recent webinars covered topics such as creating business lists and using thematic mapping in STDB. Webinar attendees learned about the multiple applications of each tool, how to create visual representations maps, and how to understand the data methodology.

The free webinars generally last 30 to 60 minutes. CCIM members can view upcoming and archived webinars at As there will be significant changes to STDB coming soon, future webinars will cover the new enhancements, features, and data. Past webinar topics that apply to the new platform will also be offered.

Other Resources

Along with webinars, CCIMTech educates its users with training videos, tutorials, samples, FAQs, and technology tips. The training videos contain click-by-click instructions for navigating and utilizing STDB effectively. A few of the most popular training videos include the “STDB Site Overview,” “Creating Business Lists,” “The Difference Between Site Analysis and Quick Demographics,” “STDB for Beginners,” and “STDB for the Industrial Professional.” Other videos cover specific components of the STDB platform.

The tutorials walk users through different workflows of the site with step-by-step PDF documents. Users can also view screenshots, maps, completed workflows, and more on the samples page. These tools can be very helpful for nonusers who want a glimpse of what STDB has to offer and for current users looking for advanced solutions to various site-related issues.

Social Media

CCIM members can also visit the STDB Facebook page and Twitter account for site-related information, industry news, technology tips, samples, and various commercial real estate blogs and discussions. This allows members to not only engage with CCIMTech/STDB on social media, but also to connect with fellow real estate professionals to increase their network, grow their business, and close deals faster.

Tech Support

Finally, CCIMTech communicates with users through the CCIMTech Support Center, where users can submit a ticket to speak with a support specialist for site issues or further help. Some of the most frequently asked questions pertain to various STDB tools and functions, understanding the data methodology, and how STDB can help CCIM members leverage the technology in their everyday practice. Users can also view the Support Center Knowledgebase, an archive of site-related instructions and technology tips. The Support Center can be accessed at

All CCIM candidates and designees have unlimited access to the powerful tools provided within STDB. The comprehensive integration of demographic information, GIS, analytical, and financial tools can be used in all facets of the commercial real estate industry. CCIMTech has established itself as an industry leader in providing cutting-edge tools for commercial real estate professionals. CCIM members can expect a number of innovative enhancements to STDB soon.

Joel Kahn, CCIM, is vice president, Ben Wilson is marketing executive, and Hayden Pittman is social media and PR coordinator for CCIM Technologies. Visit or for more information.


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