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Conference Countdown

There's no better place to elevate your career than the 2013 CCIM Live! conference Oct. 25-26 at the Sheraton Downtown in Denver. Whether you're looking for new business contacts, insights on the commercial real estate market, or a new take on the economic recovery, you'll reach new heights at this year's event.

I'm pleased to announce that Dave Liniger, chairman and co-founder of Re/Max, will share his outlook for the commercial real estate market and insights on changing trends, including the role of foreign investors.

The focus on commercial real estate investment and financing at CCIM Live! comes at the right time in the market's recovery. Esteemed CCIM Instructor Steve Price, CCIM, will discuss analysis tools to help maximize investment decisions, and Brian Bailey, senior financial policy analyst for the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, will look at how to evaluate financing options in the current economic climate. Check out the conference schedule on p. 10-11 for all the program details.

Finally, the networking opportunities at this event are perhaps the most valuable aspect of all. With access to some of the top commercial real estate pros in the country, you can make the kind of connections that may lead to your next transaction or business opportunity.

Mark your calendar to join CCIM Oct. 25-26 in Denver. Read the conference blog and register for 2013 CCIM Live! at



Wayne D'Amico, CCIM

2013 CCIM Institute President



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