Time-Tested Technology

With more than 50 years in the business, John M. “Jack” Peckham III, CCIM, CIPS, RECS, of Peckham Boston Advisors in Boston, has been instrumental in the evolution of commercial real estate. With a keen sense of how technology could be leveraged to transform the commercial real estate industry, Peckham’s article, “The Computer – A Powerful Aid for Selling Income Property,” which originally printed in the May 1968 issue of the National Institute of Real Estate Brokers’ CID Letter, illustrates how the industry could -– and eventually did –- benefit from high-tech tools.

Read “The Computer – A Powerful Aid for Selling Income Property” (PDF).

To learn how Jack Peckham’s technological foresight played out in his career, read CCIM Q&A, “Virtual Visionary,” in the March April 2013 CIRE.


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