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As a pillar of education in the commercial real estate industry, CCIM Institute has helped thousands of members advance their careers and expand their business opportunities. In the early 1990s, the Institute formalized the Education Foundation of the CCIM Institute, which is now known as the CCIM Foundation (, to provide scholarship opportunities to students who were aspiring to earn the designation. Over the years, the foundation has evolved into a catalyst for advancing and supporting educational, research, real estate gifting, and estate gifting initiatives that enhance the value and prestige of the CCIM designation. Commercial Investment Real Estate magazine spoke with 2012-13 CCIM Foundation President Sandy G. Shindleman, CCIM, president of Shindico Realty in Winnipeg, Manitoba, about the organization's evolution and goals for the year ahead.

CIRE: How did you become involved in the CCIM Foundation?

Shindleman: I first become involved with CCIM Institute in 1980 and have been a CCIM Foundation board member for the last five years. The training and education I received from the Institute was the foundation upon which I have been able to develop over eight million square feet of property with more than two million square feet in the pipeline. CCIM has provided opportunities for our managers and partners and we are proud to represent international retailers and office users in our part of Canada. The Foundation allows folks like me to give back to a very important industry and helps others realize these same goals, ensuring that the industry's brightest and best stand along beside us and our great Institute.

CIRE: How has the Foundation evolved over the years?

Shindleman: In its early days, the Foundation was a committee of the CCIM Institute that provided CI 101 scholarships through the CCIM chapters. In 1991, the Foundation incorporated into a 501(c)(3) organization and started to do more fundraising to expand the type and number of scholarships provided each year. In 2003, a $2.5 million bequest was made to the Foundation from the late Jay W. Levine, who was the second CCIM to earn the designation. The Foundation's mission has recently been expanded to allow us to evolve into a more dynamic organization. For example, our newest program, Real Estate Gifting Realized (, is focused on real estate gifting.

CIRE: What is the purpose of Real Estate Gifting Realized?

Shindleman: The program has a few important purposes. First, it is another tool for CCIMs to use in their day-to-day business, assisting clients that may be either potential property donors or charitable organizations that wish to donate real estate. Second, it enables other charitable organizations to tap into gifts of real estate that may otherwise be rejected due to a lack of resources. Finally, Real Estate Gifting Realized will generate funds to help fulfill the Foundation's mission.

CIRE: What role can CCIMs play in the real estate donation process?

Shindleman: Most CCIMs probably already have relationships with potential real estate donors, but don't realize it. Similarly, many CCIMs are involved with charitable organizations, but not in a real estate capacity. By starting the conversation with potential donors or charities, CCIMs may uncover real estate donation opportunities. Once a possible donation is identified, the CCIM Foundation can be the facilitator and ensure the process moves as smoothly as possible from start to finish.

CIRE: How can property donors as well as CCIMs who refer a real estate donation benefit from these transactions?

Shindleman: Aside from fulfilling their philanthropic interests, property donors may be able to eliminate or reduce capital gains taxes and enjoy future income streams. CCIMs can be compensated for their time as consultants or participate in the ultimate sale of donated property. If it involves commercial real estate in another market, the Foundation may be able to utilize the expertise of local CCIMs. There are only winners in these transactions.

CIRE: What new initiatives are on the Foundation's horizon?

Shindleman: The Foundation strives to double the number of Named Endowed Scholarships from 50 to 100 within the next two years as well as implement a legacy club to recognize past and current members who have left a part of their estates or included the CCIM Foundation in their wills. The Foundation is also exploring the creation of global scholarship opportunities and inviting major real estate-related corporations to become supporters of the Foundation's overall initiatives.


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