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When Technology and Marketing Packages Intersect

Technology can upgrade how you market properties across digital platforms.


Today's offering memorandums (aka marketing packages) aren't like your father's years ago. Gone are the days of uploading a few pictures, inserting Excel worksheets into PowerPoint, and converting them to a PDF. Today, marketing packages are more comprehensive and sophisticated than ever. 

In today's competitive environment to obtain listings and market properties, brokers, sellers, and syndicators are not only expected to have professional property images with some fancy overlay gradients, eye-catching charts, graphs, tables, and demographics, but property websites and email campaigns are expected as well.

Another change from the past — and this has been occurring over the last 10 years — relates to the software that assembles and aggregates all the information that generates an offering memorandum. No longer is this software installed on computer hard drives — now, it's in the cloud. This is a welcome change for both software companies and end users because software updates happen instantly in the cloud, rather than the outdated procedure via email.


CREOP’s online platform provides easy-to-use software that offers demographics, financial analysis, property comps (left), and site plan designs (right). 

At CREOP, we approach the marketing package and flyer design from both the broker's and seller's perspectives. The question we ask ourselves is, “What design or layout will cast a property in the most favorable light?” Our clients don't need design or computer skills — property information and images are all that's required, making it a turnkey process. 

Items like aerial maps that show nearby business and landmark properties, site plans showing tenant information like square footage and lease expiration dates, office stacking plans showing where the tenants are located in the building, and lease expiration dates really help the reader get a better understanding of the property under consideration. 


While CCIM Institute members need no help when it comes to calculating cap rates, IRR, and the like, CREOP requires no math skills from its users either. As long as the user has the income, expenses, and rent roll, our platform takes care of calculating all the metrics including cap rate, gross rent multiplier, price per square foot, price per unit, income and expense per square foot, debt coverage ratio, operating expense ratio, cash-on-cash ratio, break-even ratio, IRR, and more.

Our members also have the option to include a loan scenario (proposed or assumable) — either interest-only, amortized, or a combination of interest-only and amortized. Our “Snapshot” feature instantly shows the DCR, loan payment, and net cash flow after debt service.

People sometimes want to show the in-place income and expenses (without pro forma and multiyear cash flow projections). At CREOP, we're all about options, so you can show current year only and/or historical financials or include a pro forma and multiyear projections.


Some large CRE firms track comps internally, others use services like CoStar to obtain lease and sale comps. While CREOP is not a comp service, you can upload a comp report into the platform and integrate it into the offering memorandum. Alternately, comps may be entered manually; it's worth the effort because the results are both eye-catching and unique. The comps section looks like it took days to assemble when it only took a few keystrokes.


CREOP entered into an API partnership with Esri a few years ago to supply our members with demographics. Esri is the gold standard when it comes to demographics, always timely and up to date, with data from within the last six months. One interesting metric that is especially helpful for brokers representing buyers in unfamiliar areas of the country is the population growth rate. This figure not only shows the current population growth rate, but also the projected growth rate going out five years.

Why Are Property Websites Essential?

Property websites are not just important for marketing exposure, but they are also used as vehicles to disseminate the offering memorandum and other information. Brokers will put a property website link in websites like LoopNet, CoStar, CREXI, etc., in addition to emails, so brokers and prospective buyers can visit the property website, complete an NDA (when required), and download the offering memorandum and other property information.

People sometimes want to show the in-place income and expenses. At CREOP, we’re all about options, so you can show current year only and/or historical financials or include a proforma and multiyear projections.

Deal Room 

The Deal Room houses information like an offering memorandum, ALTA Survey, etc. The CREOP Deal Room includes an NDA which automatically incorporates the brokerage company's name or the member can use their own NDA. When someone visits the property website and signs the electronic NDA, that information is stored securely in that specific property's deal room. The member may download the list of people who signed the NDA and send them updates in the event of any price change, update, or subsequent property promotion. 

Email Campaigns 

Email campaigns play an important role in marketing a property. The emails include an HTML flyer that typically has one or more property images along with any property highlights. These emails also usually include a call-to-action button linking to the property website where the offering memorandum/ brochure can be downloaded. Our platform offers multiple email design templates and pulls previously entered data — eliminating double entry.  The process is painless and only takes a few minutes to process. 

Escrow Room 

CREOP's Escrow Room is used to track all the milestones and contingency dates when a property is under contract. The contact information of the key players involved in the transaction is housed in the Escrow Room. When brokers are organized, they are more efficient and productive — the Escrow Room helps keep them organized. 

At CREOP, we are always innovating with new features and enhancing existing features in the cloud without any action needed by members. We are thrilled about many exciting new features slated to roll out in 2022.

Listings and Branding

Having all the broker's active and closed listings featured in the brokerage firm's company website is helpful when marketing properties and displaying the brokerage firm's capabilities and prowess. CREOP's Company Listing Link displays active and closed listings/properties on the brokerage's website and automatically updates as the status changes and new properties are added.

Make It Your Own 

No singular platform will have all the features and elements to satisfy every broker's every need, which is why it's so important to allow for uploading of documents and incorporating said documents into reports, brochures, flyers, offering memorandums, and proposals. CREOP's platform goes a step farther, incorporating the same color scheme, headings, and font used throughout the rest of the report for a sleek, cohesive look.

CREOP: Always Innovating

CREOP covers all the property types, including retail, office, industrial, multifamily, hospitality, mixed-use, self-storage, STNL, business opportunities, land, portfolios, and commercial leases.

Circling back to the advantage of online platforms, at CREOP, we are always innovating with new features and enhancing existing features in the cloud without any action needed by members. We are thrilled about many exciting new features slated to roll out in 2022. If you are a CCIM Institute member, ask about our CCIM promo code at

This content was brought to you by CREOP, which powers a proprietary online platform that allows brokers, syndicators, lenders, sellers, and others to create company branded marketing packages, offering memorandums, proposals, and flyers instantly. For more information, click here or contact CREOP's business team at

John Gessford

John Gessford is President of CREOP. Contact him at

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