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AppFolio Investment Management delivers unparalleled investment management solutions to one fast-growing company.


Your business is evolving every day. The tools your company uses in real estate are tried and true, trusted, and steadfast. As general partners and investment advisers, you build out investment models on spreadsheets and workbooks and convert them into investor presentations and financial reports — it’s how you work. So the thought of building out a new platform — an investment management system — using advanced tools can seem like a faraway dream. You must build it and maintain it; staff need to be trained, and information security must be addressed. But solutions are available that work very well for our industry.

Investment management software solutions have morphed. The concept of having a secure system in a real estate investment environment isn’t something that may arrive one day — it’s here now. An investment management software solution can dovetail multiple manual tasks into an automated environment that increases accuracy, reduces staff time, and provides a dashboard environment for investors that allows for self-service access to their investments.


AppFolio helped All Pro Capital expand and handle more projects for more investors.

AppFolio Investment Management brings all these components to you in a single solution. The upside is immediate usability by your team. In addition, quality access to information forms the baseline to build next-level investor interaction and improved investor relations. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Improved investor relations and back-office operations.
  • 24-hour access to investments.
  • Quick summaries of portfolio metrics.
  • A platform that provides an investor tool that increases trust.
  • Centralized data to improve response times to investors questions.
  • Deep data on individual assets from a single dashboard.
  • Online solutions for investors to compare investment alternatives.
  • Real-time financial outcomes and yield metrics.
  • Fully automated monthly, quarterly, and annual investor reports.

Elevating and then delivering on investor expectations will separate you from the competition. However, providing investor transparency requires leading with crystal-clear financial information.

  • Present investment alternatives with complete confidence.
  • Increase investor retention.
  • Increase investor trust with accurate and accessible financial reporting.
  • Measure deliverables.
  • Present viewable knowledge.

AppFolio Investment Management helps eliminate two obstacles to success: maintaining accurate deal information from spreadsheets (for both existing and pipeline deals) and making incremental improvements to investor relations. This all-in-one solution brings measurable improvements to deal information and investor deliverables with a web-based, easy-to-use solution that eliminates barriers, creating a transformation in your business persona and your standing in the marketplace as an investment adviser with cutting-edge tools. It’s a 21st-century response that will push the envelope and your results well past “the usual” and help your investment management business fly above the competition.

Solutions in Practice

All Pro Capital is a rapidly growing real estate investment firm established in Colorado Springs, Colo., in 2009. Under the leadership of president and CEO Tony Bettis, the firm has offered more than 450 investors opportunities to support development in their community without incurring a single loss in investor principal.

After growing from 30 investors to over 450 within seven years, All Pro Capital needed an investment management solution that could keep up with such growth. However, Bettis didn’t expect to find a solution that would help his company expand and improve the investor experience simultaneously.

Focused primarily in the self-storage and multifamily sectors, the All Pro Capital team was an early adopter of investment management systems, hoping they would empower the company’s growth. But over time, Bettis discovered that the system they initially chose wasn’t the right option to support the company’s evolving needs. The longer the team used its initial system, the less support they received.

All Pro Capital’s consistent investment success meant they were paying investors quarterly on all tasks. Bettis needed a solution that had an easy-to-use waterfall feature to ensure investors were receiving the right amount of earnings on time. AppFolio Investment Management was the perfect fit.

“With AppFolio, it’s been much easier to keep investors happy,” Bettis says. “With our previous system, investors didn’t have clear insight into the investment information they needed. They often had to call in to ask for their balances or K-1s, meaning we needed staff available to answer calls and provide support. But now, investors can find all the information they need. When investors use the intuitive dashboard, accessing important investment information is much more convenient for them. In fact, many of our clients have mentioned that we should be touting that capability as evidence of how we put customers first.”

In making the switch from the previous vendor to AppFolio, All Pro Capital saw an immediate boost in support. They received personalized service with quick response times, keeping All Pro Capital and its investors happy.

“Alongside the waterfall system, one of the biggest upgrades for our team is the presentation of our management dashboard, which shows data on all our investments and investors,” Bettis says. “With our previous vendor, we had to sort and filter the data ourselves to find the information we needed. The dashboard wasn’t presented in a way that was easy to understand and accessible.

AppFolio’s responsive and intuitive dashboard gives our team a clear visualization of the data we needed at a moment’s notice.”

As All Pro Capital scaled its company, the AppFolio Investment Management system has become an integral part of that growth. Those potential challenges — maintaining accurate deal information and incrementally improving investor relations — are solved by AppFolio.

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