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STDB’s Enhanced Features Provide More Robust CRE Benefits

While it has a new look, the Site To Do Business continues to offer members a simple, feature- oriented site designed to allow you to get in, get what you need, and move along with your day.

Those who use STDB know how transformative the technology tools are for their businesses. They use Business Analyst to aid in site selection, run insightful demographics, lifestyle segmentation, and retail reports to gather a market-leading understanding of property and sites. They create expressive maps using a combination of their own information in conjunction with Esri's market-leading demographics. Perhaps they use Database USA's Business List tool to better understand the landscape of existing businesses in a market to determine where opportunities may exist. Maybe they use ArcGIS Online to create and share maps and data with their clients.

STDB users now have acces to updated demographic data through Business Analyst Web 5.9. Visit

Beyond STDB's new look and responsive design, it also includes new features to give new members plenty of good reasons to get started.

STDB's Newest Features

The economics of any contemplated or existing transaction remain critical as the basis for attracting both debt and equity. But quantifying location and market variables illustrates both the quality of a location and the trends and tendencies of a given market both today and in the future.

STDB is a great leveler, especially for the small to midsize shops that don't have dedicated research and marketing support. Many questions about a market area can be answered using STDB tools:

  • What types of people make up your market? Where do they live and where do they work?
  • What is the lifestyle of the people in your market and to which generation do they belong?
  • Where might there be an opportunity for a certain type of retail store?
  • How does my area compare to my city, county, state, and the U.S.?
  • Where can I find prospects?
  • What is expected to happen in my area in the future? Is it projected to grow?

STDB's tools have continued to increase their scope to include many new ways of conducting analyses and presenting the results.

Infographics. Create custom, compelling infographics using a combination of your data and Esri's data. Show demographic insights, market profiles, employment data, at-risk populations, and much more.

Analytics to optimize market segmentation. Find population by generations, like millennials or baby boomers, and divide into targeted groups.

Suitability analysis. Identify the most suitable sites from a set of candidates, as defined by applying a set of individually weighted criteria.

Custom variables. Create custom variables to identify specific type, range, or combination of data. Use the popular categories such as age and household income, or create a custom complex variable.

Use your own data in analyses. Use your own data, as well as data gathered from public agencies and third-party vendors, such as store sales, number of customers, crime records, economic indicators, and regional demographic data provided by vendors in your country.

Create relationship maps. Relationship maps are a new way to visualize and compare your data within ArcGIS Online. They allow you to map two patterns within a single map and help you identify relevant relationships. 

Create marketing packages. Use the drag-and-drop editor to choose from more than 57 different modules to create your custom proposals or offering memoranda. Use data to develop an authoritative broker's opinion of value and create elegant brochures.

Collect data in the field and share it. Put mapping in the hands of your field workforce to improve the accuracy and currency of spatial data to make more timely and informed decisions.

Access publicly shared maps. Access maps, such as zoning or parcel data, made public by your municipality or county.

Summarize nearby locations. Which restaurants are within a mile of a new proposed sandwich shop location? What intersections around the site have high traffic counts? Answer questions like these and more using the new “Nearby” capability in Reports and Infographics.

Configurable apps. Build an app using easily configured templates, without any coding.

This list barely scratches the surface of the STDB capabilities -- and CCIM members have access to these tools plus a plethora of others.

The power is at your fingertips. CCIM will continue to add features to STDB to help you provide greater insights, become even more confident, and succeed.

Carol Campbell and Ben Wilson

Carol Campbell manages operations and Ben Wilson manages client services and sales for CCIM Technologies in Dallas. Contact Campbell at and Wilson at

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