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Joe Stettinius has spearheaded a series of high-profile mergers in the last few years, culminating in the 2015 marriage with DTZ and Cushman & Wakefield. He is helping to transform and reshape the commercial real estate industry. 


“It has been a really exciting journey so far. Those businesses that had a strong presence were already fully engaged in their local markets and communities,” says Stettinius, chief executive of the Americas at Cushman & Wakefield. “But the challenge was that separately the companies lacked a presence or were not large enough in some markets. So our merger solves their presence in virtually all of the key markets around the world.”

Stettinius will share his thoughts on the direction of commercial real estate, successful mergers, and building full-service platforms at CCIM Thrive, Oct. 24-25, at the Grand Hyatt Atlanta in Atlanta.

In leading platforms of remarkable scale and complexity, Stettinius has consistently merged a myriad of personnel, processes, and systems. He credits much of this to his managerial style that focuses on transparency, collaboration, and communication.

“This openness is really valuable in a technology-driven world where people expect to know what is happening at any given moment,” Stettinius says. “When you take advantage of that, it creates an environment where there is a spirit of partnership and accountability at the same time.”

His current strategy with Cushman & Wakefield involves doing more business across markets and across service lines. Integral to this plan is bringing together compatible and complementary companies.

“We are taking what is an iconic name in the brokerage business and making it a renowned name in the commercial real estate services business,” Stettinius says. “So you will see us make continued investments in firms that provide asset services, property management, project and development services, and adjacent capabilities to our brokerage business.  Going forward, we can build a much more balanced and robust platform to serve our clients.”

Stettinius foresees continued growth not only for the commercial real estate market in the Americas but for Cushman & Wakefield as well.

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