Fond Farewell

CIRE executive editor Sara Drummond is retiring after 22 years of writing and editing for the magazine.

During her 22-year tenure, Sara Drummond has had a lasting impact on the editorial contents, graphic design, and production of Commercial Investment Real Estate - always placing the needs of its audience first. She will be retiring at the end of May 2016.


“Sara developed the personality of CIRE by responding to the audience, analyzing readership surveys, tapping into expertise of the members of the Editorial Review Board, and using her considerable skills as an editor and writer,” says Susan Groeneveld, CCIM, executive director of CCIM Foundation and former executive vice president/CEO of CCIM Institute.

“Sara is responsive, creative with ideas, and knows how to grab CCIMs' attention,” says Mark Levine, PhD, CCIM, a member of the CIRE Editorial Review Board and professor at University of Denver in Denver. “As an editor, she addresses issues and moves on, so Sara is very easy to work with. I don't want her to go.”

Power of CIRE

Groeneveld recalls that in 1987 CIRE was written as a scientific journal with a maroon cover. “Sara helped to turn CIRE into the most powerful messaging tool we have for our members,” Groeneveld says. “She turned the magazine into something that's part of the fabric of CCIM Institute. Sara always took a lot of pride in what she was doing and enjoyed the people that she worked with.”

“Sara has been an anchor that held everything together and made the magazine a smooth-running, award-winning machine,” says Gail Collins, senior vice president at CCIM Institute. “She produced the magazine six times a year seemingly effortlessly. You never saw her sweat but knew there were tons of stuff going on.”

That Drummond is very bright with a wicked sense of humor helped her stay vibrant and serve as a mentor to new staff members during her years at CCIM Institute. “Sara provided the huge knowledge and confidence level to help newer staff grow and gave them credit for the work they did,” Collins says. “She never pointed a finger when something went wrong but figured out another way to make it work.”

“No one could ask for a better mentor than Sara because she always focuses on the needs of the audience, which is the key to effective communications and marketing,” says Rich Rosfelder, manager of integrated marketing at CCIM Institute and formerly an editor of CIRE.

Before starting at CCIM Institute in 1994, Drummond served as publications editor at Northwestern University and a copy editor at the American Library Association. She earned a bachelor's degree in English from Penn State University in State College, Pa.

“Sara sees the big picture, and she can put herself in the members' shoes,” Collins says. “She always had the ability to see what the readers will take away from a story.”

In retirement, Drummond plans to travel with her husband and pursue her personal writing projects. 


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Sara S. Patterson

Sara S. Patterson is former executive editor of Commercial Investment Real Estate.

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