Functional Fliers

Despite recent technological innovations, property fliers continue to be an integral part of commercial real estate marketing programs. “Flier preparation is how I become really knowledgeable about the property,” says Hugh J. Wade, CCIM, of Spire Commercial in Anchorage, Alaska, who uses this process to tailor his promotional efforts to highlight each property’s strengths.

But with so many ways to create and distribute fliers, it can be difficult to find the right balance between cost-effectiveness and professionalism. Commercial Investment Real Estate asked CCIMs to share their tips for producing fliers on a budget.

“We start in Microsoft Access, which has the add-on to create a formatted PDF document. We then usually amend the data package with aerials, maps, photos, and broker information in Adobe InDesign and convert it to a final PDF for storage and linking.”

Ryan M. Zabrowski, CCIM, SIOR, Investors Realty, Omaha, Neb.

“We struggled to find the right program until we recently discovered the answer was in front of us all the time in Microsoft Word. It offers many suitable templates that we have adopted as our standard format.”

John Simone Jr., CCIM, Simone Realty, Lawrenceville, N.J.

“Our fliers are typically created within Microsoft Publisher or Microsoft Word. We then save these files as PDFs so they can be distributed and, more importantly, opened by anyone. In addition, we have started using oversize postcards to promote our listings. They’re created in Adobe Photoshop to ensure graphic quality. Our fliers are also on LoopNet and CoStar.”

Robert J. Dikman, CCIM, ALC, SIOR, The Dikman Co., Tampa, Fla.

“I use CCIMREDEX. Our company contracts with a third-party marketing professional, and it makes her job much easier when I email her my CCIMREDEX flier. All she has to do is adapt what I’ve already created to the company template. We use a service named Emma as the primary delivery source.”

Ashley Bishop, CCIM, Southeast Venture, Nashville, Tenn.

Rich Rosfelder is associate editor of Commercial Investment Real Estate.

CCIMs share more property flier tips in CIRE magazine’s May/June 2012 Technology Solutions column, “Flier Right.”

Rich Rosfelder

Rich Rosfelder is vice president of strategic communications for CCIM Institute.


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