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Giving Back: Community Caring in Motion

As commercial real estate professionals, we all have a vested interest in helping our clients lease space, purchase buildings, and invest in the economic health of our communities. Now it’s our turn to roll up our sleeves and give back to the cities, communities, organizations, and people that have helped our businesses grow and thrive. It’s my pleasure to invite all CCIMs to take part in “Community Caring in Motion,” a new initiative CCIM Institute has planned to encourage members to give back to their communities.

From Sept. 9 to Sept. 22, CCIMs from around the globe, along with their colleagues, families, and friends, will donate a day of their time to a cause that’s important to them in their local markets. Whether members choose to participate in a chapter-organized volunteer effort or spend a day individually helping out a charity that’s dear to their hearts, collectively CCIMs can make a difference. Paint a building, mentor a student, feed the hungry, or build a house — every effort makes a huge difference. Document your efforts locally and we will promote your accomplishments nationally.

Watch for more information to come from the CCIM Institute as well as your local chapter about how you can get involved in “Community Caring in Motion.” Mark your calendar now and plan to donate one day of your time to the community that’s helped you succeed as a commercial real estate professional.


Leil Koch, CCIM

2012 President


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