Academic Membership

Full-time college students and instructors can join CCIM Institute as Academic members to grow their commercial real estate network and access CCIM Institute tools. If you are interested in earning the CCIM Designation, you will need to join as a Candidate, Fast Track, or University Fast Track Member.

Academic memberships do not receive Institute Candidate member tuition discounts.

Student Membership ($55)

Begin building your professional network in college by joining CCIM at a reduced student rate. Student Membership is open to full-time undergraduate and graduate students and gives you access to benefits and a network that can help you in the classroom and give your career a fast start.

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Student Membership

  Student Membership benefits include:

University Partner Student Membership ($55)

Exclusively available to full-time undergraduate and graduate students aligned with approved colleges and universities, University Partner Student Membership gives you the same advantages as regular student membership, with access to enhanced benefits.

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University Partner Student Membership

  University Partner Student Membership benefits include:

  • 50% off Preparing to Negotiate (online only)
  • Biweekly Education Connection newsletter

Faculty Membership ($175)

Use the latest commercial real estate technology and information in your classroom when you join CCIM as a Faculty Member. Faculty at AACSB-accredited or CCIM University Alliance colleges and universities are eligible for this membership.

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Faculty Membership

Faculty Membership benefits include: