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Wrapping up 2023: A message from the 2023 Global President of The CCIM Institute.

Welcome to the winter edition of Commercial Connections! As we enter a new year, we are met with a canvas of fresh opportunities. I am so excited about what we have accomplished together this year, and the potential that next year holds for The CCIM Institute and for our Designation - especially with our brand transformation strategy we have set in motion. 

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Our magazine cover features the 2023 Jay W. Levine Leadership Development Academy graduates. In our cover story, you'll delve into their year-long journey dedicated to projects poised to shape the future of CCIM Designees and The CCIM Institute. I am eager to witness the evolution of their initiatives and how they will create new avenues for our members, sponsors, and the commercial real estate community.

Patrick Murray, CCIM, shares insightful wisdom in "Lessons I've Learned from Climbing Mountains." While some of us have not conquered such literal heights, many of us have encountered our fair share of metaphorical "mountains" in our careers. Patrick's narrative of teamwork and perseverance is truly inspiring and will resonate deeply.

In our CCIM Spotlight feature, we delve into the story of Veronica Malolos, CCIM, founder and managing broker of Capital Stack Real Estate Group in Orlando. What struck me was how obtaining the CCIM Pin was not just a milestone for Veronica, but also how her fellow CCIM Designees played pivotal roles as valuable resources throughout her journey. 

And looking ahead to 2024, remarkable opportunities lay ahead of us. Opportunities to build relationships, to move deals forward, and ignite opportunities as we fortify our global brand. Our members  thrive because of what they learn through our courses, our tech stack and our network. By harnessing the collective resources of our organization and the members within it, we aim to conquer those mountains ahead and scale new heights of success.

Here's to embracing the journey ahead, to seizing the boundless possibilities that await us, and to creating those opportunities that aren’t there yet. 

Thank you for being part of our community. 

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