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Daynon Kirby, CCIM | We had the opportunity to hear from Kirby about his recent CCIM Designation, his experience in CDEP and receiving the Diversity Scholarship, and his future plans in the commercial real estate industry.
Daynon Kirby, CCIM, being pinned by fellow The CCIM Institute Middle Tennessee  Chapter in Seattle Washington.

Daynon Kirby, CCIM is from Nashville Tenn., and is an Executive Agent with Legacy Commercial Property. He is a recent CCIM Designee and received his CCIM Pin at the 2023 Annual 
Governance Meetings in Seattle.

Kirby was a participant in The CCIM Institute’s Cultural Diversity Education Program (CDEP), and became a recipient of The CCIM Institute Foundation’s Diversity Scholarship in 2022, which helped him toward his path to the Pin. The CDEP Program and Diversity Scholarship are committed to advancing the professional growth of underrepresented groups in the commercial real estate industry. 

Did you always aspire to work in commercial real estate?

No, I did not. I was a collegiate athlete who focused on having a good time. Growing up in my family, we were told that to be successful you must work in the “Big 3” industries. The Big 3 means either finance, health care, or real estate.
Today, I am proud to say that I have done all three in my career. Up until joining the commercial real estate industry, I held various leadership positions in the retail and restaurant world. I had never even considered real estate. 
I was presented with an opportunity to enter the commercial real estate industry in June 2020, and I have never looked back!

How did you hear about the CDEP Program and The CCIM Institute Foundation Diversity Scholarship?

I heard about CDEP and the Diversity scholarship through an in-person The CCIM Institute class.

During the CI101 course I took last September, my instructors mentioned full or partial scholarships to help me work toward my path to the Pin. At the time, I needed financial assistance, so I visited the website to find out more information. I did my due diligence on the Diversity scholarship and decided to go ahead and apply. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

What did receiving the Diversity Scholarship mean for your career? 

I was able to take courses at a quicker pace and receiving the Diversity Scholarship meant everything for my career. I no longer had the financial barrier stopping me from achieving my goals and could focus on putting in the work to complete my Designation. I was awarded the Diversity Scholarship on December 9, 2022, and completed my CCIM Designation 10 months later October 24 , 2023. Being awarded the Diversity Scholarship really sped up my career.

How has your training through The CCIM Institute helped you to further your career in commercial real estate?

The training I received through The CCIM Institute has helped me tremendously in all areas of my career. It has armed me with knowledge that I can apply in real-time in my daily practices, access to technology to help me get ahead and stay ahead, and networking with like-minded individuals who also want to increase their value and give back to others. Since beginning my CCIM journey, my quality and number of deals have increased, my network has expanded, and overall, it has also opened my eyes to the abundant world that we call commercial real estate.

Now that you’ve achieved the Designation, what are your future plans?

My future plans involve helping others and practicing commercial real estate.

To start, I plan to focus on philanthropy through The CCIM Institute Foundation, my local CCIM Chapter (Middle Tennessee CCIM Chapter), and other local organizations. I can see myself as a mentor, providing coaching sessions, speaking publicly, fundraising, and ultimately volunteering my time to give back to the community and the commercial real estate industry as a whole. 

I plan to continue my current role as an Executive Agent practicing landlord representation in the acquisition, development, and leasing of health care and retail properties.

Why should Designees donate to this and other scholarships from The CCIM Institute Foundation?

Designees should donate to the Diversity Scholarship and other scholarships from The CCIM Institute Foundation because it helps already-motivated individuals achieve their goals sooner. By providing this type of assistance, you are helping to improve the commercial real estate industry.

The commercial real estate industry is becoming more diverse every day, and diversity is a true catalyst for change in an industry that historically has not been diverse. The CCIM Institute Foundation’s mission is meaningful to me because they want to help underrepresented groups become more prevalent in the commercial real estate industry. 
What has been your inspiration to continue your path to the Pin?

My biggest inspiration to continue my path to the Pin is knowing what comes after my CCIM Designation.

I know that at the end of the path to the Pin is an infinite world of commercial real estate, where I help others and build a foundation for future generations. For most of my adult life, I have been searching for a way to give back to my community. I want to help minorities who are motivated to better themselves but may not have the resources or access to do so. Commercial real estate is the answer. 

How do you feel your experience could assist others who could benefit from the Diversity Scholarship?

I feel like my experience can assist others who could benefit from the Diversity Scholarship. I want to bring on anyone that’s willing to put the work in, and I hope my experience serves as an example to other minorities that there is a path for them in the commercial real estate industry.

The Diversity Scholarship is great because it gives individuals the chance to control their own destiny in the commercial real estate world and provide their family and themselves a better life to help break the cycle. It may seem like just a scholarship to some, but to many people out there like myself, it is so much more. 

About Daynon Kirby, CCIM

Daynon Kirby, CCIM, at his pinning ceremony surrounded by a group of people in Seattle Washington

Daynon Kirby, CCIM, began his commercial real estate journey during the market downturn in June 2020. Previously, Kirby held various leadership roles in the retail, restaurant and fitness world, ranging from multi-unit District Manager to consulting 150+ units nationally as a field marketing manager.

Since Daynon Kirby began transacting 46 months ago as a leasing agent, he has executed 41 transactions; amounting to $23 million in value. In December 2022, he accepted a promotion to Executive Agent and entered the Nashville, Tenn., market. His favorite transaction was leasing a 9,600-sf freestanding emergency department in Arlington, TX. Today, Daynon Kirby focuses on leasing, acquisitions and development of health care and retail properties across the United States.

From a young age, Daynon Kirby has always had a passion for people, sports, fitness, and finance. In his spare time, he enjoys working out, relaxing with family and friends, traveling and volunteering.  

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