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2023 JWL Leaders Share Fresh Ideas and Growth Opportunities

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Some say that leadership is the art of giving people a platform for spreading ideas that work. Participants of the JWL Leadership Development Academy know this all too well.

Academy participants come together to learn and drive change toward a more fulfilling member experience in The CCIM Institute. Named after Jay W. Levine, The CCIM Institute's first President and second Designee, the JWL Leadership Academy is designed to build the skills and self-knowledge participants need to fulfill leadership roles within the organization, as well as in their communities and within the commercial real estate industry.

The curriculum is built upon core competencies for effective leadership in association, business and community settings. The goal is to advance the understanding and the application of leadership principles and techniques to further the personal and professional leadership development goals of participants. Through these ideals, graduates of the JWL Leadership Development Academy spend nine months focusing on not only growing their leadership skills but also becoming more deeply engaged in The CCIM Institute’s culture. 

As a capstone to the Academy, participants are charged with presenting a final project at the Annual Governance Meetings each year, and with that presentation, to include their recommendations for The CCIM Institute’s future growth and opportunities to explore further. This year’s class concentrated on four topics: Exciting Experiences, Corporate Education, Long Range Education and Expanding the Audience of The CCIM Institute. All of the topics are aimed at helping The CCIM Institute meet its organizational objectives of increasing the attractiveness of the CCIM brand and leveraging the collective power of the CCIM stakeholders. 

JWL Cover Story Winter 2023

Project #1 – Exciting Experiences 

The Exciting Experiences team was tasked with evaluating and defining what “Exciting Experiences” mean to members of The CCIM Institute. 

The team focused on three major calls to action: speed networking; educational breakouts; and local keynote speakers/property tours in the host city for meetings. In doing so, the team gathered insights by conduct­ing interviews with CCIM Designees and candidates, as well as meeting with Past Presidents of The CCIM Institute. As part of its findings, the group made several recommendations to improve network opportunities at Governance Meetings which include additional networking opportunities such as a new attendee reception, hosting speed networking events, and more. 

“The highlight of our project, for me, was the fact that our networking idea for “Speed Networking” was put into action at the Seattle conference. Over 100 people participated in the event. It was truly gratifying to be part of the implementation and to see it come to life. The positive feedback and the energy in the room was fantastic!”     
    – LIz Menendez, CCIM, Tampa, FL

Project #2 – Corporate Education 

One of the outcomes of this project was highlighting the Corporate Education team's need for a new subcommittee to oversee corporate education. By adding members from other committees and through regional representation, the opportunities within corporate education will reach The CCIM Institute’s entire membership. The ideal outcome would be a much broader understanding of what corporate education is, how it can be delivered, and who can benefit from partnering with The CCIM Institute. 

“The most exciting thing about our project is the implementation of our recommendations that will drive forward the momentum for corporate education. By engaging the stakeholders and increasing awareness of the flexibility and integration of the educational offerings of The CCIM Institute, we will gain brand awareness, increase membership and empower the chapters to expand their corporate partnerships. This initiative will truly move the needle!"
"Corporate education will drive income, membership, sponsorship and brand awareness. That's a bold statement but our team stands behind the significance of the value of corporate education. Through corporate outreach, we will continue to elevate the value of the Designation and The CCIM Institute as a leader in commercial real estate education.”  
    — Marina Hammersmith, CCIM, Mesa, AZ

Project #3 – Long Range Education

Some of the key goals of the Long Range Education team's project were to better prepare CCIM Designees for the future, as well as attract a new generation of CCIM Designees. 

“The most exciting aspect of our project was the use of AI as a presentation tool. We were able to provide a concise picture of what tools would attract a new member of The CCIM Institute. The mere fact that we could implement things like a Site To Do Business Badge program at a relatively inexpensive investment makes the cost-benefit favorable for implementation of our ideas.

I sincerely believe our project recommendations will attract a younger professional, foster mutually beneficial relationships, promote the true value of the Pin and bring the institutional security found in the perfect integration of youth and experience for a more perfect future.

I think as a group, seeing some focus groups around the topic recommendations would be helpful. The focus groups would provide the proper due diligence for the successful implementation of our recommendations. As for Site To Do Business, the content for the Badge Program is already in presentation archives. We simply need to place the presentations in learning tracks that would make digestion and implementation of the skills more organized.”     
    — Todario Harris, CCIM, Memphis, TN

Project #4 – Expanding Our Audience 

The main objective for the Expanding Our Audience team was to grow and strengthen the existing membership by promoting, recruiting and retaining existing members. 

One of the outcomes from the team is the idea to create a “Life with the Pin” campaign, which is an initiative aimed at rekindling relationships with CCIM Designees and reaffirming the theme that their professional journey with The CCIM Institute is ceaselessly valuable. It also aims to revitalize the importance of connections within The CCIM Institute community. By ensuring a unified strategy from The CCIM Institute with the local chapters, we maintain The CCIM Institute’s brand coherence, while allowing the flexibility needed for localized impact and relationships to flourish. This initiative has the potential to not only reignite individual journeys but reinvigorate The CCIM Institute community.

“The team project showed multiple applications for the potential solutions we offered. Specifically, we hope to see “Life with the Pin” adopted. It is not intended to be a campaign, but a heartfelt initiative to rekindle relationships with CCIM Designees to reaffirm their professional journey with The CCIM Institute, local chapters, and their community.

Our team project afforded us an opportunity to see marketing and customer service issues from a different perspective that we see in our day-to-day businesses. Not only was it an opportunity to help grow membership and retention for The CCIM Institute and our local chapters, the project reinforced business best practices we often overlook when moving too quickly or becoming too focused.

I hope to encourage other Designees and candidates to become more involved on a national and local level. Many seek the Designation for the education but fail to take advantage of the greatest benefit, networking. We hope our proposal of a unified strategy between The CCIM Institute, local chapters, and Designees will highlight the continuous benefits of maintaining The CCIM Institute Designation leading to increased membership and greater awareness.”     
    — Scott Overby, CCIM, Ridgeland, MS

Transformative experience for CCIM Designees
The JWL Leadership Development Academy is designed to help advance professional development of CCIM Designees and put them on a path for greater success. Since its inaugural class in 2003, the JWL Leadership Development Academy has produced numerous Presidents of The CCIM Institute, Presidential Liaisons and countless committee chairs, not to mention leaders within their own respective businesses. 

“Now that I am a graduate of the JWL Leadership Development Academy, I feel like I'm at the beginning of my growth trajectory. The program stretched my comfort zone and challenged me both personally and professionally. The goal setting and self-reflection strategies that were outlined through the program really provide a roadmap for growth. The skills and personal insights will help me expand my real estate practice and of course, this leadership skill set will be the cornerstone of my service within my local chapter and The CCIM Institute.” 
        — Marina Hammersmith, CCIM, Mesa, AZ

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