Controlling the Deal

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As a transaction professional, if you're not assuming a leadership role from due diligence to deal close, you may not end up with a role at all.

Owners, users, and investors are increasingly relying on technology and consultants for key transaction data and decision making, leaving fewer opportunities for anyone who's not essential to the deal.

This course is for commercial real estate professionals who want to use proven psychological and relational techniques to move up the value chain, build trust, and successfully manage every transaction.

Upon completion of this class, you will be able to:

  • Use psychological strategies of persuasion to control the deal
  • Access, understand, and utilize your persuasive power
  • Build trust and long-term, win-win relationships with customers and clients
  • Make yourself essential to the transaction
  • Influence your client's decision to complete the transaction

The decision to act on a deal is influenced at every step of the transaction process. If the transaction is managed persuasively and ethically, there is no decision to be made at the end - it is already a "go."

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