Creating a Deal-Making “Ecosystem”

Q&A with Roy Abrams, CEO and Founder of RealConnex


Borne out of the challenges faced in efficiently sourcing the right partners for real estate projects, RealConnex was founded by Roy Abrams to connect individuals from all sectors of the industry with capital, transactions, services, and each other in real time.

A seasoned real estate professional and business leader for more than 25 years, Abrams has held senior positions in Blue Chip technology companies in the U.K., Africa, and the U.S. He has an accomplished history of leading companies in both private and public sectors.

CCIM: What's the biggest opportunity for the commercial real estate industry today?

Abrams: I’m excited about the broader adoption of technological solutions in existing buildings, as well the development and building of smart buildings.  

However, the big opportunities today are in industrial development and generational assets such as assisted living and student housing.

CCIM: What's the biggest threat facing the commercial real estate industry today?

Abrams: Higher interest rates have always been a concern for real estate investors and will continue to be so. The demise of big box retail will also bring some changes with e-commerce and specialty stores growing in appeal. Another factor which could impact the market is the current uncertain political climate globally.  

CCIM: What problem are you solving with RealConnex?

Abrams: RealConnex solves the challenges inherent in the time and cost of effectively connecting real estate professionals to capital, investments, services, and each other.  

RealConnex provides all the tools a professional needs to build the profile, credibility, and industry influence that is central to effective networking, prospecting, and business development. It’s also a marketplace to buy, sell, and lease.

CCIM: How can CCIMs and other commercial real estate professionals position themselves to succeed in the coming years?

Abrams:  Professionals must rapidly adopt the range of the new technology tools now available to them. There will be massive adoption of technology by the real estate space. To remain competitive, they must be adopted. Effective utilization of these new leading-edge technologies will allow real estate professionals to access and offer their clients more of the right opportunities and value-added services. This adoption of new technologies will make what real estate professionals do much easier, faster, and better.

Abrams will participate in the CCIM Global Conference, Oct. 16 in Toronto, as part of the Keepers of the Capital session.  Learn more at