CCIM Institute Joins IREM to Combat Coronavirus Outbreak

Posted on Jan. 31, 2020

Fundraiser delivers $59,500 in much-needed supplies to frontline medical workers.

In response to the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus in China, CCIM China joined forces with IREM® (Institute of Real Estate Management) China Shanghai to quickly launch a fundraising campaign, Jan. 24 to 26, to support the fight against this virulent contagion. All proceeds – $59,500 in total – benefit medical workers on the front line by providing the equipment and supplies needed to help contain the spread of the virus.

Of the $59,500 raised, CCIMs (Certified Commercial Investment Members) and IREM CPMs (Certified Property Managers) in China donated $15,500. The remaining amount came from $24,900 in individual donations and a single corporate donation of $18,700. As a result of this coordinated effort, an initial shipment of medical supplies, including face masks, gloves, and rubbing alcohol, has already been purchased and delivered to Wuhan Xiehe Hospital. Wuhan has been the most severely affected city and has faced strict quarantines and restrictions on travel. More face masks and protective suits are currently being arranged for other medical sites throughout China

“The dedication, compassion, and camaraderie of CCIM Institute and IREM professionals during this crisis is humbling and deeply moving,” says CCIM Institute CEO/EVP Gregory Fine. “CCIMs are not just productive members of the community, but corporate citizens who are there to help in time of need.

“We’re inspired by the deep commitment of our colleagues from IREM China Shanghai and CCIM China to the communities where they live and work,” says IREM CEO/EVP Denise Froemming. “They’ve come together at a crucial moment, working as a team to combat this epidemic.”

This fundraising effort is a natural extension of the high level of social responsibility and ethics held by CCIMs and CPMs across the globe. It also illustrates the generosity and team spirit of commercial real estate professionals in China. Their humanitarian efforts elevate CCIMs and CPMs everywhere, as well as the real estate industry worldwide.

UPDATE: As of Feb. 1, IREM China Shanghai and CCIM China has purchased and distributed the following medical supplies to support the fight against the coronavirus: 16,200 face masks; 100,000 medical gloves; 5 tons of disinfectant; and 1,450 protective goggles.

CCIM Institute Joins IREM to Combat Coronavirus Outbreak


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